A few amendments to the Law No 21 of 2015 were issued by the Emir HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani in the form of Law No. 21 of 2015 meant for the regulation of entry, exit and the residence of expats. The law would come into effect a day after its publication in the official gazette, Qatar News Agency said.

Following are the highlights of the amended law:

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1. The amended law gives expat workers the the right to exit the country for vacation, in case of any urgent circumstance, or any other purpose after informing the recruiter, according to the employment contract.

2. Expat workers can leave the country before the expiry of the employment contract after duly informing their employer.

3. In a scenario where an employer objects to the departure of the expat worker from the country, the expat worker has the right to approach the exit permit grievances committee.

4. The committee will strive to resolve all issues within 3 days of reception of the complaint from an expat worker.

5. In case an expat is not satisfied with the decision of the grievance committee, he/she can approach the Interior Minister for the rectification of the grievance.


6. The law mandates that the employer sanctions all kinds of leaves stipulated in the contract whenever an employee seeks to use the leave.

7. The law also directs employers to provide leave to expat employees in case of emergencies.

8. The Exit Permit Grievances Committee shall grant exit permits to all expats against him no serious complaints are found to be pending.

9. The expat workers have the right to contest any evidence that would be provided by the employers against them in the office of the Grievances Committee.

10. In case an expat has unsettled debts pending against him or her, he/she can appeal for clemency. Clemency appeals would be considered in case the expat needs to travel back home in case of an medical or family emergency.