100 Years of Healthy Habits: Secrets of Chinese Centenarians

At 115, Boxin Huang is the oldest resident of China’s Bapan Village, also called Longevity Village. But he’s not extraordinary there, where many live long past 100 years.

Cardiologist John Day, MD, of Intermountain Healthcare in Murray, Utah, visited Bapan and the Chinese centenarians and learned fascinating lessons about healthy living and healthy hearts, ones he shares with his own patients.

“Most people think it’s their genes, but the data don’t support it,” Dr. Day says about the Bapan centenarians. Research on about 3,000 pairs of twins who had identical DNA — the same genes — but as adults had different home environments and life choices, showed that only 25 percent of their longevity was due to genes. The other 75 percent was affected by lifestyle. Things within your control can make all the difference in lifespan.

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Bama County in Guangxi Province is home to China’s famed ‘Longevity Village,’ where many people live to 100 and beyond. How do they do it?



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