Qatar was diplomatically and economically attacked by its neighbours led by Saudi Arabia. Two months have passed since the blockade was place on Qatar trying to cripple it to defeat. But as Qatar always does it focused its energies on how to make the best of the situation and it has succeeded.

Here are 11 benefits Qatar gained from the crisis:

  1. A more open foreign policy that benefits its economy:
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Qatar has recently been on complete foreign policy overhaul by making 80 countries eligible for a visa waiver. Qatar is now the most open country in the region and we are delighted to invite visitors to discover our renowned hospitality, cultural heritage and natural treasures. 

  1. Friendlier relations with other countries:

After Qatar was shunned by its neighboring countries Qatar has renewed some old ties and made some lasting new relationships with countries like Turkey, Oman, Russia, India etc. that will benefit it. 

  1. New investment opportunities:

Qatar has found promising opportunities in Oman, Pakistan, Turkey and India among other countries to make new investments shifting its already small involvement in the middle-east.

  1. Proof that it is innocent:

This crisis has given Qatar and the world an opportunity to really see the hypocrisy and calculated targeting it was subject to after it led to the expose of the Arab quartet. 

  1. A global government that values expat talents over orthodox nationalist ideals:

Just recently Qatar has granted permanent residency cards to some qualified expat talents, a first in the gulf. Qatar is sure to gain a lot from this legislation that will retain and value exceptional expats.

  1. Cheaper products on the shelf:

Ever since the blockade Qatar has been pushed to look for its imports like food and other raw material from elsewhere and what a positive turn of events that lead to. Because of this Qatar is now able to display cheaper better quality product from countries like Turkey, Iran etc. to its people.


  1. Encouraging local farmers and products:

Although Qatar was pushing for a more self-reliant agro industry for years the crisis proved to be the perfect opportunity for local, home grown farmers to expand their market and income thereby benefiting the country.

  1. Independence from the GCC:

The GCC has its benefits but with Saudi Arabia forcing its intentions on Qatar through council has long been a problematic. It continues to try and keep countries smaller than it under its grips to prove that it is a big power player to the world and other middle-east countries.

With the crisis Qatar has made it clear that no more of such intrusions and insults to its sovereignty will be entertained. This has bode well for its citizens.

  1. Stronger relations with the US:

While Trump flipped flopped about who he supports in the crisis. It is clear that the US Government stands with Qatar and appreciates its efforts in solving the terrorism issues of the world. Qatar is the first to sign a MoU to counter terrorism with the US government among the Arab countries embroiled in the crisis which was publicly praised by Rex Tillerson.

  1. People love their government:

In the history of the gulf or the middle-east revolution, war and civil wars are pretty common except for in Qatar. The Thani’s have always put their people first whether resident or citizen which is why Qatar has no seen any violence or revolution towards their rulers in Qatar. This has brought the people.

  1. Qatar’s influence is bigger than its size:

Qatar has long been silently working towards the greatness of its country. Now, when it was tested Qatar was able to show to the world that bullying meant nothing has it was way wealthier and more powerful than it could be imagined. So it would not be easy to try and dominate Qatar.

  1. International support:

Saudi Arabia assumed that by trying to make Qatar look like an evil country it will get a shiny new image of a counter terrorism supporter. Sadly, it was wrong. After many disgraceful leaks and reports were released, it reopening a painful wound of its hidden hypocrisy that was globally called out. Even in their own countries people began to show support to their enemy Qatar meaning Qatar’s reputation was not at stake but rather uplifted.