Analysis: Shaking things up … and making them worse?

WASHINGTON — Dissatisfied with President Obama’s leadership and dismayed by the failure of both parties to work together on big problems, Americans voted Tuesday to shake things up.
The result: They just may have made those things worse.

For the fourth time in five elections, Americans voted for change as Republicans gained control of the Senate. But voters expressed scant enthusiasm for the GOP, not to mention for the Democrats and the president.


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Now, the polarization that has contributed to a government in gridlock is likely to be reinforced, not relieved, by the returns. Most of the new Republican senators come from solidly red states and have solidly conservative credentials. The diminished Democratic Senate caucus will have a more consistently liberal tilt. Moderates in the middle — the folks who typically bridge the partisan divide to strike a deal on immigration or the budget or just about any other issue — will be scarcer in January.

2014 Elections Results

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