5 things you must know before relocating to Qatar

Relocating to a new place can be hectic, especially moving to a new country finding a good job, a suitable neighborhood, the desired car, and shifting with a family. All of this becomes a bit more complicated when you don’t only have to worry about yourself but your family too.

A new lifestyle means starting everything from the beginning, from travel costs, visa procedures, health and medical tests than getting the driving license, making new friends and living in a new dissimilar culture.

Qatar is a country where you will find people from all over the world with a different language and different culture and many of the expats would have gone through the phase where you will be going through as well but unlike other countries, Qatar is not that difficult to live and is prospering. To live a good luxury life in Qatar you should be having a high paying job and good accommodation but if you don’t have a very high monthly income, it surely does not mean that you cannot survive in this country.

Visa Process

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Visa requirements keep changing so please check the latest requirements from the airline or embassy before flying.

If you are planning to come in Qatar for a short period of time then you can fly without a visa however a visa will be issued upon arrival at the airport. Citizens of other nationalities except for the GCC countries have to have a residence visa in order to stay in Qatar for a longer period and that’s the responsibility of the employer hiring you for the job.

Once your employment visa is issued then you can sponsor your family but it can take time. You can only sponsor your family members if your salary is more than 10,000 QAR /monthly.

The health card is essential for every citizen living in the country for which you will have to go through some medical tests just to ensure that you are entitled to healthcare services in Qatar. This health insurance card covers the medical expenses to some state depending on which class of insurance card your company has provided that is renewable every year.


Education in Qatar definitely costs a bit higher as compared to other things but you will find the school for all nationalities and communities. Qatar has campuses of renowned universities and from all the other countries as well. Obtaining higher education in Qatar has now become very easy thanks to the opening of campuses of renowned universities from all around the world. The cost of elementary-high school and higher education universities may vary depending on the standard of school or university you are choosing for education.


You can easily find a house or an apartment for your living in Qatar but it’s expensive especially in Doha because 70% of the population lives in this city. A normal 2 bedroom apartment will cost you from 8000 QAR to 12000 QAR per month. If you are single you can live in a bed space from which you can definitely save a lot of money. You can also opt to rent for a studio flat but it’s your choice depending on your income and comfort zone. While living with your family, it’s your choice to live in a 1,2 or 3 bedroom apartments or villas but prices may differ according to location as home in Qatar.

Telephone and Internet

Qatar is one of the best countries in the world to have reliable telecommunication and internet system. Vodafone and Ooredoo are the major telecom and internet service providers in Qatar. Both companies are offering reasonable internet packages and international calling rates however the rates are higher than some of the countries. You can get both prepaid and postpaid sims are available with the better local and international call rates. The Internet is the most preferred way to communicate internationally.

Driving & License

A driving license is mandatory to drive a car in Qatar and you can get one by applying to the traffic department of the Ministry of Interior if you have a valid work or residence permit. You must be 18 years old to apply for a light driving license and 21 years old to apply for a heavy driving license. You will have to take up driving classes in the school before the driving test. If you already have a driving license then you are maybe allowed to exchange but it depends on your nationality. You can easily explore this small country once you have your own car and freedom.


No matter which part of the world you belong to, Qatar is always ready to open its arms for you. This country has people from all around the world and celebrates special occasions, heritage and religious festivities with the people belonging from a certain community. Although Qatar has its own beautiful culture and heritage, you will surely enjoy the festivities on Eid, Qatar national day and on New Year’s Eve.

Living in Qatar and especially Doha is not a very tough job. Once you are settled and have a good income you can live a really good and luxurious life with and without your family depending on your lifestyle.