General Traffic Department press conference

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The Ministry of Interior announced that under the directives of His Excellency Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa Al Thani, Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, the General Traffic Department announces the launch of the “Initiative to Settlement of Accumulated Traffic Violations”.

The General Directorate of Traffic explained during a press conference held this morning that the initiative includes activating a 50% discount from the amount of violations for a period of 3 months starting from December 18, 2021, coinciding with the celebrations of the National Day of the State and to facilitate the public to regularize their conditions and settle the accumulated violations.

The General Traffic Department also announced that, starting from next year, legal procedures will be applied regarding the collection of new traffic violations.

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Brigadier Muhammad Abdullah Al-Shahwani, Director General of the General Traffic Department, explained that the new legal procedures that will be applied starting in 2022 include not linking the renewal of the vehicle’s registration form to the payment of traffic violations imposed on the person.

He continued: In the event that the person has traffic violations and it is time to renew the form and he did not pay it, he will be transferred to the “follow-up cases” procedure and the settlement procedures to adjust the situation within two months, after which the violations are referred to the prosecution in the event of non-payment.

He continued, “Referring the person to the “follow-up cases” procedure in the General Traffic Department in the event of non-payment of traffic violations when the renewal date of the form is due, aims to facilitate the public, as it gives a period of two months to settle the violations, especially since 80% of the traffic law articles are concerned with settlement procedures.

He added: In the event that a person does not settle for his traffic violations after the expiry of the two-month period from the time of his transfer to the case follow-up procedure, the violations are directly transferred to the Public Prosecution to take the legal procedures followed.

The Director General of the General Traffic Department added: We call upon everyone to take advantage of the initiative not to link the renewal of the form to the payment of traffic violations, as well as the initiative to reduce the value of violations by 50% for a period of 3 months, and to regularize their conditions in order to avoid falling under the legal measures that will be taken in the event that traffic violations are not settled.