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Health insurance is mandatory for visitors and expatriates to the State of Qatar as one of the conditions for issuing or renewing an entry visa for an expatriate or visitor or granting or renewing a residence permit. No. (22) of 2021 regulating health care services.

The Ministry of Health confirmed that, based on the new law, a mandatory health insurance system will be implemented for all expatriates and visitors to the country, which provides basic health care services to them through health care service providers in a number of government health facilities and the private sector, according to the insurance coverage system for them.

The provisions of the law also oblige the employer to provide health insurance for non-Qatari workers through insurance companies registered with the Ministry of Public Health, in order to provide them with basic insurance coverage, and the same obligation applies to the recruiter to provide basic coverage for those who bring them.. What about prices?

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From 495 riyals to 920 riyals 

 A source confirmed to Al-Sharq in one of the insurance companies that the annual insurance price for individuals under the age of sixty ranges between 495 Qatari riyals to 920 Qatari riyals, and the annual insurance coverage rate ranges between 60% – 80% based on the insurance package that is determined by by individuals, companies or groups.

For individuals over the age of sixty, it ranges between 495 Qatari riyals to 900 Qatari riyals, with an annual insurance coverage rate ranging between 60% – 70%, and health insurance packages include coverage of basic services and emergency cases in the category under 60 years, and coverage of chronic diseases, but it depends Coverage percentage based on the selected insurance package, specifying the health facilities that accept insurance

Some insurance companies have also allocated packages accessible to individuals amounting to 499 Qatari riyals, in addition to facilities for families in order to facilitate the access of visitors and expatriates to basic health services. Qatari riyals and infection with the Corona virus “Covid-19”.

It is scheduled to start implementing the law six months after its issuance, and during this period, services will continue to be provided to all residents, and the ministry will issue all controls related to the application of the law and the health insurance system and publish them during the coming period.


The law entrusted the task of monitoring performance to the Ministry of Public Health within controls that ensure the regulation of the provision of health care services within the country, through an electronic system that monitors operations on a daily basis and mechanisms to find out if there is any type of exploitation by insurance companies, as health insurance for all categories is One of the sources of financing for health services and a partnership between the public and private sectors.

The project serves all groups, so that the citizen obtains the service as quickly as possible, and at the same time the rest of the groups are guaranteed services in a timely manner, as the target groups of the mandatory health insurance are all expatriates, whether they are home users, professional workers or employees.

 Also, every expatriate who enters the State of Qatar for the purpose of visiting or working will be required through the company in which he works to provide insurance coverage for his family members, and to have the basic insurance that will be applied to all groups in studied amounts and there will be mechanisms for implementation.