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Dr. Khaled Abdullah Al-Ali, Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Higher Education Affairs at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, revealed the preparation of a new law for the quality of education in Qatar and the addition of new universities in the scholarship lists.

Al-Ali said – in an interview with Al-Rayyan TV on Tuesday – that the number of universities in Qatar is increasing and branching into public, private, and private universities belonging to the military sector, and it has become necessary to have a law to follow universities to make sure what is on paper is actually happening in these universities, explaining Most countries of the world have committees or laws for the quality of education.

He added that the draft education quality law has been lifted and is in the final stages to see the light, and will provide for the follow-up of universities to ensure that they follow in the footsteps that were written during the application to establish them.

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Dr. Khaled Al-Ali explained that the benefit of the new law is great as there can be no education without certain controls, and every country has its own controls in this regard, indicating that the Ministry does not approve any new university without an office for the quality of education, because the quality of education is a complementary process for education. To ensure that his path in any educational institution is on the right track, and at an advanced stage, universities can be classified into advanced and intermediate in the quality of education process.

Dr. Khaled Al-Ali revealed that new universities will be added to the new scholarship lists, explaining that the ministry will announce scholarship plans during the coming period, including universities that have recently been added to them, indicating that the ministry adopts the best international standards in this regard.