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The Ministry of Interior announced the addition of a number of new services in the Metrash2 application, including the permanent residence card in the electronic wallet.. 

What do you know about this permanent residence in the State of Qatar? …and here’s all the information about her  

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Inquiry about the possibility of applying for a permanent residence permit
according to the “Hukoomi” website. The service to inquire about the possibility of applying for a permanent residence permit enables residents to inquire online about whether they are among the categories that may submit an application for a permanent residence permit in the State of Qatar, where the application is submitted. Electronically via the website of the Ministry of Interior, and the following is entered: The 
Qatari ID number.
Qatari residency expiration date.
Verification code in the image or by clicking on the audio file.
Click on “Inquire”.
There is no fee for this service.

How to Apply 
The Ministry of Interior has created an electronic link on its website to facilitate those wishing to obtain a permanent residence card in Qatar.

 She explained that the application requires the fulfillment of some requirements, which are:
The applicant must have a smart card with electronic services activated on it.
The applicant must have a smart personal card reader device, in addition to connecting the smart card reader device to a computer to complete the application process.
The Ministry of Interior indicated that the steps for applying through the electronic services portal are:
Entering the website of the Ministry of Interior and choosing the “electronic services” link,
choosing “residency service” and then choosing “permanent residence card”, and after clicking on it, the service options screen will appear.
A new application will be selected, after which the appropriate category for the applicant will be selected from the options available to him.
Then click on the “Next” box.

A text message will be sent stating that a permanent residence application has been received, and a financial receipt for the payment process will appear that the applicant can print or save on the computer. Thus, the applicant has completed the first stage of the application stage and has to wait until he receives another message to download the application attachments.

Requirements for obtaining permanent residence
In accordance with the law, a non-Qatari may be licensed to permanently reside in the State of Qatar, if the following conditions are met:

1- Residing in the country for a period of twenty years if he was born outside the country, and ten years if he was born inside the country, provided that the period of residence is consecutive and prior to the date of submitting the application for a permanent residence permit, without prejudice to the time sequence of the applicant’s exit from the State of Qatar for a period not exceeding Sixty days per year, and in all cases this period shall be deducted from the calculation of the period of residence in the country.

2- He must have enough income to meet his needs and those who depend, and a decision by the Council of Ministers determines the minimum value of this income, and cases of exceptions to it.

3- He should be of good conduct, of good reputation, and had never been convicted by a final judgment in the State of Qatar or abroad of a crime involving moral turpitude or dishonesty, unless he was rehabilitated.

4- He should have sufficient knowledge of the Arabic language.

As an exception to the provisions of the previous article, a permanent residence permit may be granted to a non-Qatari of the following categories:

1- Children of a Qatari woman married to a non-Qatari.

2- The non-Qatari husband of a Qatari woman.

3- The non-Qatari wife of a Qatari.

4- Children of Qataris by naturalization.

5- Those who have rendered great services to the state.

6- Persons with special competencies that the state needs.. It is stipulated that the marriage be in accordance with clauses (1), (2), (3), in accordance with the law.

Privileges The 
spouse of a permanent resident card holder and his children until they reach the age of eighteen enjoy the privileges granted to the card holder in terms of residency, health and education, in accordance with the provisions of this law.

The holder of the permanent residence card may invest in the activities of the national economic sectors, which are determined by a decision of the Council of Ministers, without a Qatari partner, provided that the establishment of the company is in accordance with the provisions of the law regulating commercial companies.