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While the world is witnessing vaccination campaigns with vaccines against the Corona virus, the ability to travel has become an easy task with receiving the vaccine, as some countries have actually announced the opening of their airports to people who have received the vaccination, without imposing any quarantine on them.

According to the CNN website, people who have received the vaccine can now visit these countries, especially with many starting to prepare for next summer vacations.

Here is the list of countries:

qatar airways

This European country allows a large part of the citizens of the world (including many Arab countries) to enter its lands without a visa. This makes it a prominent tourist destination. Georgia chose to lift all restrictions on fully vaccinated travelers. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs finally announced that all visitors who have received two doses of any vaccine for the Covid-19 virus are allowed to enter the country without a negative PCR test result.

Cyprus Cyprus
is the first country to announce a plan that allows vaccinated travelers to enter its territory without having to quarantine themselves. It will also allow visitors who have received the two doses to travel to it without presenting a negative result of the PCR test. Until now, it is unclear whether these measures include those coming from all destinations or those arriving from countries included in the Mediterranean island’s safe travel list.

The Seychelles
Last month, the Seychelles announced that travelers who received two doses of the vaccine would not need to quarantine themselves upon arrival on its soil. However, the government still requires every traveler to present a negative PCR test result, in addition to a certificate from each country’s national health authority stating that they have received the vaccine.

In recent decades, Estonia has witnessed a significant increase in the number of tourists. In order to protect this sector, the government announced that it would allow travelers from anywhere in the world to enter the country without having to isolate themselves for ten days upon arrival, after receiving the vaccine, or until they were infected and then recovered from the Corona virus, with an extended period of six months before travel.