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His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, CEO of Qatar Airways Group, revealed the most important challenges that the national carrier has faced since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, and the choices taken by the group to cross to safety in the midst of Covid-19 storms.

Al-Baker indicated – during an interview with Martin Moody, founder and president of Moody’s Davit Report – that since the beginning of the Corona pandemic last March 2020, Qatar Airways had two options, either to close the airport and stop flying, or to take risks.

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He explained that at that time, there were many members of the people of Qatar outside the country at the same time that the airlines began to close, so Qatar Airways chose not to let the passengers down, to be present, and showed sympathy for the stranded, and continued to work despite the difficult procedures.

Al Baker stressed that the position taken by Qatar Airways during the pandemic was important to consolidate its brand and marketing ability for individuals and their service, because the service was the most important message and product, stressing that Qatar Airways succeeded in transporting more than 3 million people safely to their homes, indicating that a number of governments and companies continued to return their employees. As safe as stranded sailors around the world thousands of miles from their homes.

He said that Qatar Airways was also able to return the refunds within a very short period, as the value of the refunds amounted to 1.9 billion US dollars over a period of 90 days.


On the extent of the seriousness of what Qatar has done to Qatar, Al-Baker replied: No, our continuation of work did not put Qatar in danger, and we have taken measures with the aim of protecting employees, travelers and all parties.

On the nature of these procedures, the CEO of Qatar Airways said: We have implemented a number of measures to protect our employees from infection, and we have also closed the duty-free market to prevent those coming from abroad from mixing with employees for a period of approximately 3 months, and all employees have been returned from their external residence to the company’s residence to monitor them and conduct an examination. Corona virus them regularly to ensure their safety when the duty-free market is opened again, and he noted that Qatar Airways was the first airline to have a full crew wearing personal protective equipment, noting that Qatar Airways invested in ultraviolet radiation by Honeywell, and owns UV robots around the airport .

He added that statistics indicate that Qatar has the lowest infection rate of any country compared to its size, has the fewest number of people in the intensive care unit, and one of the lowest death rates in the world.



Al Baker said that the vaccination rate in Qatar is large, and all Qatar Airways crew members on board aircraft and group workers have been vaccinated, and contractors at the airport are now being vaccinated, noting that more than 70% of individuals have been vaccinated with a double dose or a single dose. The Ministry of Health is constantly working at the airport and conducting random coronavirus tests.

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Akbar Al Baker expressed his enthusiasm for the new expansion of Hamad Airport, which is scheduled to open in 2022, stressing that the goal is to make Qatar a major tourist destination in the region.
He stressed that the decline in traffic during the Corona pandemic at the airport allowed them to make the new amendments, stressing that investment in Qatar Airways and in Hamad Airport is continuing.

Al Baker mentioned a number of new investments, such as building a hotel consisting of 100 rooms and building a main lounge for first and business class to prevent congestion. He said that there are special surprises within Hamad Airport’s expansion plans, which will be announced at the time of opening next year.