Honoring from His Highness the winner of the Scientific Excellence Award

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The student Al-Jawhara Thani Ali Al-Thani, who won the platinum medal from Al-Bayan Second Primary School, expressed her great happiness after being honored by His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, Emir of the country, considering that this is an honor that anyone living in our beloved country wishes to be honored from the highest Stature in the country.

Al-Jawhara confirmed that she was very excited to stand next to His Highness, adding that the honor will be a great motivation and incentive for her to move forward steadily on the path of scientific excellence and excellence, and that she will do her best to grab the award more than once in the coming years.

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The student at Al-Bayan School expressed her thanks to her school administration for their support, stressing that her family played a great role in raising her concern and increasing her confidence in her abilities, in addition to providing all means of support in order to excel in the school and then reach the podium. And she expressed that in the future she aspires to be one of the children of Qatar who will carry her flag in international competitions and help build a conscious generation, and a part, even a small one, has responded to our country on the educational possibilities it harnessed to obtain the best education. “I aspire to be one of a scientifically conscious generation that will participate in the future in continuing the train of development in the country, to return the favor to my country and to wise leadership, and to be a cause of intellectual and moral progress and advancement in society,” Al-Jawhara said.

Al-Jawhara thanked all those interested in distinguished people, chief among them His Highness, the Emir of the redeemed country, may God protect him. I thank my parents for their continuous support and encouragement to me always.