Nasser Al-Hamwi

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Since its publication on September 1, 1987, Al Sharq has accompanied the comprehensive renaissance in the State of Qatar, where it was and still is at the forefront of local newspapers that pay attention to various issues, relying in their journalistic career on well-established traditions in journalistic work, and on highly qualified press cadres. Professionals and professionals follow up on various local, political, economic, sports, cultural and artistic affairs, and use the latest technologies in their work in a newsroom equipped with the best equipment and the latest editing techniques, in addition to issuing many supplements that accompany important conferences and forums that are held throughout the year.

Al Sharq is at the center of the event, and
thanks to its high professionalism and its adherence to conveying the truth and touching it to the pulse of the street, (Al Sharq) has gained the legitimacy and confidence that readers have given it, to reflect honestly and objectively the aspirations of the citizen and the resident, and to become a platform for them that sheds light and illuminates the path before them with awareness, offering them the free word and the honest news. Useful information, good thought, and the other opinion.
During more than three decades of its honorable career, (Al-Sharq) recorded luminous stations in the history of its serious professional work, and took the initiative, to make qualitative shifts in the local press and keep pace with the international press, and to provide distinguished press and media services to its readers, commensurate with the scale of progress and renaissance it is experiencing. Qatar.

(Al Sharq) has always been at the center of the event, witnessing the Qatari achievements that have been achieved, documenting by image and word, the process of construction and renaissance in all its political, social and economic dimensions, led by His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the country, where the past decades have been celebrated with achievements that he is proud and proud of. Every citizen, based on raising the ceiling of individual freedoms and releasing freedom of expression, in line with what the wise leadership promised to strengthen the role of popular participation in the exercise of legislative work through the Shura Council elections, marking the start of work in this pioneering edifice that expresses the participation of the loyal Qatari people in the responsibilities of governance within the limits of The powers and competencies entrusted to him, and the prominent position that the State of Qatar assumed in the international community and its diplomatic efforts, which have become appreciated and admired by the world for the results achieved by its mediation in various conflicts, and its significant contributions to strengthening international peace and security efforts.

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Today, Al Sharq occupies a prominent position as it is at the forefront of the local newspapers that pay attention to fans and sports lovers, as it has dedicated to its dear readers a sports supplement issued every day that bears witness to the remarkable achievements achieved by Qatari sports in various fields, and Doha’s success in organizing and hosting major Arab championships. Continental, regional and global in various games, in light of the great logistical and organizational capabilities that it provides, and the giant sports facilities that include the 2022 World Cup stadiums in addition to huge sports complexes, stadiums and halls for various games at the highest level witnessed in the world, in addition to its daily keeping up with the state’s preparations to host Qatar for the World Cup. World 2022, the great sporting event that the whole world is waiting for. 

(Al Sharq Economic) Companion to the Renaissance
As Al Sharq was the first Qatari newspaper to dedicate a special and separate supplement to the economy, finance and business since the beginnings of the comprehensive economic renaissance that the country is witnessing and still is. Its pages offer a lot of opinions from many experts and analysts in the financial, business and investment sectors. It has attracted a selection of the most important writers and specialists in economic affairs locally, Arably and globally.
Al Sharq, through a highly professional and well-known press team, was present at all important local economic events, such as the launch of Qatari oil and gas projects, in addition to covering the opening of the Qatar Stock Exchange, Hamad International Airport and Doha Metro, and escorting Qatar Airways flights to various international destinations. It also accompanied the giant infrastructure works that the country is witnessing, including the construction of roads, bridges, and port expansions.

The news industry and Al
Sharq allocated large areas to cover the local affairs with all its momentum and activity in various fields and levels, through an honest and impartial proposal and a balanced and independent follow-up, away from excitement and intimidation, and a serious interest in discussing the issues of citizens and residents and their daily concerns, and a complete alignment with the issues of development and development. She is a trustee of the elements of honest and clean journalistic work, as Al Sharq was not satisfied with publishing the news of the ministries, institutions, bodies and official companies, but it also took part, from the beginning, in the news industry, and achieved countless gains that complement the construction process in the State of Qatar, to be today an influential voice in our local issues.