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Ghinwa al-Alwani

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Qatar University celebrates the graduation of the forty-fifth batch of its students on Wednesday, May 25th, at the Sports and Events Complex at Qatar University. The graduation ceremony for the outstanding students will be held on Thursday, the 26th of this month. The total number of graduates of this new batch is 3,710 male and female graduates, including 3,061 female graduates, and 649 male graduates.
The university noted that its celebration of the graduation of its forty-fifth class of graduates is a celebration of a historical process that spanned decades, during which the university contributed to promoting development and prosperity in the State of Qatar by providing the labor market with qualified graduates. The graduation ceremony is one of the annual ceremonies to celebrate the graduates of Qatar University since its founding in 1977, and this ceremony is a continuation of those ceremonies. For graduates, the second day is for outstanding graduates, and during the ceremony, safety measures in force in the country will be observed at the time. During the ceremony, all university graduates will be graduating for an entire academic year..

College parties

College parties will be held consecutively for the female graduate students after the main graduation ceremonies in the Sports and Events Complex at Qatar University. The dean of the college will honor the graduates who hold bachelor’s and graduate degrees, in the honors ceremony. The nomination is limited to outstanding undergraduate students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher, and outstanding graduates in research from postgraduate studies. As for the boys’ ceremony and college ceremonies, nominations are submitted for all graduates with a GPA of 2.80, including all graduates of studies Supreme.
All candidates who meet the conditions and who have the ability to speak, have a clear voice and have a strong presence, are subject to a personal interview with a specialized committee to test them and determine the most suitable among them.
Qatar University has announced that it will organize separate graduation ceremonies for the class of 2022 students following the graduation ceremonies in the morning and evening periods (starting from the morning of Saturday, May 28 until the evening of Monday, May 30), in the Sports and Events Complex at Qatar University. All these concerts will be broadcast live on Qatar University’s YouTube channel, and the graduates will be honored by the dean of the college. During these concerts, safety measures and precautionary measures approved by the state will be taken into account in the context of combating the (Covid 19) epidemic.
The graduation ceremony of the Class of 2022 will include graduates of the following classes: Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 who are expected to graduate by the end of Spring 2022, noting that the graduates of Summer 2022 will celebrate their graduation in the Class of 2023. The dates for organizing college ceremonies will be as follows, as the College of Education ceremony will be held on Saturday 28 May, 9 am. And the ceremony of the College of Sharia, College of Engineering and College of Law, on Saturday, May 28, at 4 pm. As for the ceremony of the College of Health Sciences, the College of Pharmacy and the College of Medicine on Sunday, May 29 at 9 am. Ceremony of the College of Administration and Economics on Sunday, May 29 at 4 pm. Ceremony of the College of Arts and Sciences (media, history, psychology, social work and sociology programs) Monday, May 30, 9 am.

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Absenteeism from the ceremony

In the event of not attending the graduation ceremony or absent from the ceremony and the graduate was unable to attend, it is not allowed for another person to represent him or her to go up on the podium or receive his gift during the ceremony. Graduates (class of 2022) who were unable to attend the graduation ceremony can receive the graduation gift up to the end of the last ceremony in a week and a maximum within 6 months from the date of their graduation ceremony by going to the Business Support Office in the Administrative Services for Student Affairs, with the need to present the graduate’s ID card. In the event that another person is authorized to receive the gift on behalf of the graduate, a copy of the graduate’s identity card, the identity card of the authorized person and the authorization letter must be presented.

One escort call

In line with the directives of the Ministry of Health in terms of reducing the number of attendees at events as much as possible, graduates of the 2022 batch will be allowed to invite a maximum of one escort to attend the graduation ceremony, and during the ceremony, the safety procedures in force in the country at the time will be taken into account. Accordingly, the companion invitation card will be sent via the university email to the graduate and each card will have an access code and this code will be scanned upon logging in to the concert hall. Therefore, the alumni is kindly requested to share this invitation and access code with a maximum of one companion, and more than one person will not be allowed to use the code. For graduates, they are kindly requested to present their university or ID card when registering in the concert hall.

graduates uniforms

The new graduation uniform was inspired by its unique design from the Qatar University logo, which symbolizes the intertwining of Islamic heritage with the educational system, where the embroidered geometric shapes on the graduation mantle symbolize the authentic Arab heritage, which forms part of the Qatar University logo and represents a symbol of pride and pride, while the supporting color symbolizes the color of the flag of the State of Qatar Which corresponds to the history of the country and its civilizational dimension. The university confirmed that wearing the graduation uniform is mandatory for all female graduates in the graduation ceremony, and no modifications will be allowed to the design of the uniform, but only size adjustments. Ex-graduation uniforms are not permitted. Uniforms will not be delivered to graduates who have not paid through the website. Also, the payment process is electronic only, no cash payment is allowed and the amount paid cannot be refunded. After entering the payment link, the student’s data is filled in, then the dress size is selected and then payment is made. The graduate can go to the sites designated to distribute the uniforms to the graduates 48 hours after the electronic payment process at the times that will be announced, and she will not be able to receive the uniform before that. It will not be allowed to exchange the uniform size chosen by the graduate through the electronic payment system with another size. The graduate is allowed to purchase only one graduation uniform, and the size chosen by the graduate will be approved in the system.