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The story goes that on the morning of yesterday, Monday and Tuesday, the streets of Doha seemed to be on an official holiday, and many government departments, ministries, institutions and bodies seemed as if they were not on an official working day.

Perhaps it is due to a general mood that is inherited by the employee and is active between offices and workers and is transmitted like an infection between members of society, so that all of them declare, without feeling or prior agreement, that after December 18 of each year it is a public holiday by order of the people, and whoever violates has violated a custom and an annual custom that has become due by virtue of a ruling Indeed.

Of course, it is not possible to include all government departments, ministries, institutions and bodies, nor can we talk here about all employees or workers, as we talk about some of them and about some employees, despite their large number.

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Since this report is sarcastic, comical, unreal, objective, and impartial, and the events contained in it are fictitious and have nothing to do with reality, and any similarity between them and reality is stranger than fiction, there are a number of employees who do not work during normal working days during the year at all. December, it seems like a fictional and subjective idea and has nothing to do with reality.


What happens in Qatar after December 18?

One of the citizens (employee) who has the idea of ​​this report says that people, by nature, tend to take vacations, periodic holidays, and sit with friends after months of continuous work. He adds that December is one of the most hard-working months of the year in Qatar, specifically December of this year in which today’s celebrations came. National in conjunction with the World Cup Arabs.

What is interesting about this topic is that when you ask someone about the reason for what happens to many workers after December 18, you find him looking at you and smiling and saying to you calmly, “Happy New Year,” without any clarification, sign or gesture, from which you can derive a clear answer, as if the matter Identified, normal, and does not need explanation or details.. “After December 18, there is no work, my love, the beginning of the year has passed me.”

And this particular beginning of the year has also become a common word among members of society, for every personal or general request, urgent or without urgency, the answer to it is “call me after the National Day”, meaning call me at the beginning of the new year. 

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Some believe that after December 18, many employees provide what they have left of their annual leave balance before it is canceled and the first is transferred at the beginning of the new year, so these holidays are counted after the National Day, which makes many government and private institutions appear as if they are empty and the streets seem more Quiet and smooth.

Here, we do not want to go into much details and demands that the issue of vacations in government departments requires a detailed study to distribute them to employees, so that all vacations do not meet in one period of time, which causes people to stop and fulfill their needs, but with this there must be a direct reason for cases Unwillingness to work after December 18th.


Some say that it has become known among the people in Qatar that the time for winter travel and tourism is after December 18, so after the joy of the National Day and the many events and activities, the time for travel to one of the neighboring countries to visit relatives and relatives, or to Turkey or travel to Europe and America, comes with the return date in Beginning of the new year, and happy new year.