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The Qatar e-government website (Hukoomi) explained that residents can now submit a request to amend their job title on the ID card electronically, through the representative, the person concerned, or one of the authorized signatories.

According to the site, this service allows residents to submit a request to amend their job title on their ID card, with the necessary documents attached.

Submit the application online

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The site indicated that “electronic services and forms” would be clicked from the “services” list on the website of the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs, then selecting “Employment Administration”.

He added: Choosing the “profession amendment request” service, then clicking on “Submit a request” on the service page, then the required data is entered (establishment registration number, ID card number and registered mobile number with the same ID card number).

He continued: The verification box is checked, then press “Submit” .. and enter the verification code that was sent to your mobile number.
He indicated that it is necessary to fill in the required data in the application form and attach the following documents: A
copy of the identity card of the authorized signatory, a
copy of the identity card of the applicant for amendment, a
copy of the establishment registration card,
an image of the municipality’s license, a
copy of the commercial register, the
scientific certificates certified by the official authorities,
and then the box is selected “I, the applicant, acknowledge that all The above data is correct and I assume responsibility if it is proven otherwise, ”and the request was sent.

Paper presentation

To apply hardcopy, is download the application and fill a form, and attach the following documents: a
copy of the identity card of the authorized signatory and called the amendment a
copy of the certified scientific certificates from official bodies in Arabic , an
image of being card established commercial register municipal license valid
previous employment contract and a copy of electricity bill for
three Copies of the new employment contract signed by the two parties with the original seal with the signature of the authorized signatory at the facility,
a salary certificate from the bank with a salary account statement for a period of six months.

Fees and the
site indicated that there is no fee for this service.
He pointed out that the service is available for private and joint-stock companies, and the request must be sent with the required attachments to the Ministry for conformity, auditing and approval, and the registration of the worker’s data is in relation to the employee’s personal number, and the establishment’s official bears full responsibility for the correctness of the recorded data through the mandatory acknowledgment within the digital service.