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Egyptian Minister of Youth and Sports Ashraf Sobhi expressed his hope that the first national football team would be able to skip the qualifying stage and participate in the World Cup that Qatar will host next year, pointing out that Cairo is considering hosting the tournament in the future.


Sobhi said, in statements to “Sputnik”: “We are making every effort to prepare in all fields such as football, handball and various sports … and we plan well for all teams, and God willing, our team will reach the World Cup in Qatar and compete as well.”

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Sobhi added, “All the Egyptian football players are ready, and will participate for Egypt (referring to the World Cup qualifying matches).”


The Egyptian Minister of Youth and Sports revealed that his country is studying the request to host the World Cup or the Olympic Games.


He said, “Just as we hosted the African Football Championship and the Handball World Cup, we can also, with good planning, present a good file to host any tournament, and we are ready with the facilities, people, technology and all means.”


He added, “We are now studying, preparing and preparing the necessary equipment, and we have not yet requested to host the World Cup,” noting that the decision to request hosting the tournament is still in the study stage.


Earlier this week, Egypt agreed to the participation of its soccer team in the Arab Cup, which will be held in Qatar at the end of this year at the 2022 World Cup stadiums and includes Arab teams from Asia and Africa.