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FIFA announced the launch of a public awareness campaign with the World Health Organization during the Club World Cup / Qatar 2020 /, by broadcasting messages on the stadium, in which football stars participate in order to continue promoting the initiative to accelerate the availability of tools to combat Corona virus / Covid-19 / launched in April 2020, urging people to wear muzzles, practice physical spacing and hand hygiene.

The video awareness campaign will include players and coaches for the teams participating in the FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2020, as well as FIFA legends, and will be broadcast on the digital platforms of the International Federation of the Game, the World Health Organization and clubs, with the support of broadcasters from around the world.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino said during a video conference prior to the launch of the FIFA Club World Cup 2020: “We must all play our part in the battle against the Coronavirus, and we also call on the international community to work together to ensure equal opportunities in the provision of vaccines and treatments. And diagnostic tests around the world. “

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The FIFA President added: “It is important not to forget to prioritize health, and we cannot eliminate the threat posed by the disease (Covid-19) unless we follow the advice of medical professionals, and I invite everyone to follow these steps in their daily lives. These advice protect us and protect our loved ones. And those around us alike .. and upon delivering these messages to the public during the FIFA Club World Cup / Qatar 2020 /, I appreciate the support provided by the participating teams, their players, coaching staff and other officials in respecting the protocols necessary to organize this tournament, and to ensure that the football torch is kept illuminated. Shining in these difficult times. “

FIFA signed a four-year cooperation agreement with the World Health Organization in 2019 aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles through football at the global level.

FIFA cooperates with the World Health Organization to promote the need for fair access to Covid-19 vaccines, treatments and diagnostic methods, and to encourage people to continue practicing life-saving daily public health measures in order to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and protect health.

The new cooperation between FIFA and the World Health Organization will expand the scope of life-saving messages to include a broad audience at the global level, through a series of promotional videos broadcast during the FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2020, and the leaders of the competing clubs repeat, in clips. The video, the main steps that everyone must follow in order to combat and eliminate the Corona virus.