Alex Fitzpatrick

Apple's New Mac Feature Will Be Great If You Use Your Computer at Night a Lot
It’s called “Dark Mode”

Apple on Monday announced a bevy of new updates and features for its range of devices, including the iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac and more, as part of WWDC 2018.

Among them: A new “dark mode” for macOS, the operating system powering iMac desktops and MacBook laptops. Dark mode, included with the upcoming macOS Mojave update, activates a darker user interface for your Mac. Windows, menu systems, and even the default desktop wallpaper will all change to a dark theme when dark mode is activated.

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MacOS Mojave’s Dark Mode may be particularly useful at night, when the brightness and lightness of macOS’ default theme can be overwhelming. However, it’s not the desktop equivalent of the iPhone’s “Night Shift” mode. For that, try f.lux, a third-party app that can change the white balance of your display to a more soothing setting.

MacOS Mojave should be available later this year.