How to apply for a family visit visa in Qatar

Families of sponsored residents may enter Qatar on a short-term Family Visit Visa. However, the visa is initially valid only for one month.

Relatives who wish to stay longer than a month may undergo a physical examination within the first 72 hours of arrival to apply for an extension.

The visa can be extended for another five months for first and second degree relatives and in-laws (Father, Mother, Sister & Children) and can be extended for only two months in case of other relatives. Foreign employees who wish to bring their families to live in Qatar should refer to the Family Visa.

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Application Process:

Follow these steps to apply for a Family Visit Visa:

– Print and fill out form and submit personally by the sponsor.

– Submit the application along with supporting documents to the Passports Department. (DOWNLOAD application form)

– Pay appropriate fees (more details about fees below)


Requirements for applying visa for wife:

– Copy of personal ID or passport of the resident husband

– Letter from husband’s employer citing profession and salary

– Copy of attested marriage contract

– Copy of wife’s valid passport


Requirements for applying visa for other relatives (Father, mother, sister, children and in-laws):

– Copy of personal ID or passport of the sponsor.

– Copy of sponsor’s wife’s passport with valid residence permit or residential tenancy contract.

– Letter from employer of the sponsor citing profession and salary.

– Valid passport copy of the visitor.

– Document to prove relationship.

– Undergo medial test within 72 hours entering the country in case you’re willing to extend for more than a month.



A fee of QR200 applies for each visa, and QR50 for each registered dependent or companion. The visa is valid for one month and can be extended for QR200 per month (QR50 per month for the companion).


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  1. Hi , Thanks for this valuable information,

    But what is the procedure if the sponsor is unmarried??
    I am trying to bring my Mother on a visit visa, but I am not married,
    I have all other documents like tenancy contract, NOC from company, Emplyment contract, salary letter etc..
    Please advise – Thanks in Advance ! !

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for all the information given.But would like to know the minimum salary requirement to appy for family visit visa as I have already tried to apply with my salary of 4660qr.. But got rejected and there was no where I could find the minimum salary requirement…
    Appreciate your reply on this .

  3. Hi,
    I just want to confirm if it is really necessary that my wife must be here in qatar before i can get a family visit visa for my brother? And also tenancy contract must be in my name? Thanks.

  4. Hi,
    I just want to ask if it is necessary that my wife must be here in qatar before i can take a visit visa for my brother? And it should tenancy contract need to be in my name? Thank you in advance