15 Dec 2017 – 20:40

The Peninsula

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has announced about 800 job vacancies for the posts of teachers and administrators from all nationalities for next academic year 2018-19.

“The interested candidates can apply online at https://tawtheef.edu.gov.qa from December 15 to 31, 2017,” said Ali Al Muraghi, Director of Human Resources Department at the Ministry in a statement.

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He said that the Department will sort out the applications as per the requirements and the shortlisted applicants will be called for interview. The applicants will be notified about fulfilling the requirements according to first-come-first-serve basis.
The vacancies have been divided into three categories. First job category is related to the education (for male and female), second type of vacancies is related to administrative work (for male and female) and third is related to vocational training (for male and female), totaling about 800 job vacancies including teachers and administrators.

“The Ministry made contracts with 201 new teachers from Qatar and abroad who joined this year,” said Hasan Abdullah Al Muhammadi, Director of Public Relation Department at the Ministry.

He said that the Ministry gives importance to recruitment of local and Arab cadres for teaching and school administration as teachers in Qatar belonged to 56 countries.

There are 14,577 teachers in the education system for this year at the rate of one teacher per eight students that is considered the highest rate in the world. The Ministry recruited 164 Qatari teachers for current academic year.

The main purpose is to increase the quality of the education therefore we assessed the needs of teachers and administrators for the schools for next academic year 2018-19, said Al Muraghi. “We have also listed the employees who have reached 60 year age and those not up to the standards for job performance so we could look for the alternative,” he added.

The jobs related to vocational training are required for carpentry, music teacher, specialist of physiotherapy and those in the field of disability.