Qatar is in the Middle East and member of the Gulf Cooperative Council or GCC. Among some of the benefits for working in Qatar are the private health insurance, wherein health insurance or medical insurance is well provided by the sponsors or the company. Other’s may include meal allowance and transportation allowance and housing allowance. At the end of your contract, depending on how many years, Qatar labor law require that you be given a compensation, or an end of service benefits that includes all the allowances or a portion of some of it. HOW TO COMPUTE SALARY BENEFITS or END OF SERVICE JOB AWARD IF YOU ARE WORKING AT DOHA QATAR?
End of Service  or gratuity is the sum of money to be paid to an outgoing employee in a certain  duration stated in the work contract as dictated by the Qatar Labor laws and Regulations. Also known as the “indemnity”,at the end of contract period,the contract worker shall be awarded with it apart from the salary and is being calculated based on the workers’ basic salary. This gratuity calculation as per the Qatar Labor Law is for information purposes and may change according to the current laws of Qatar.

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