Do You Need Vein Surgery? Symptoms And Treatment Of Vascular Issues

Most people think of varicose and spider veins as discouraging, unattractive skin blemishes and little else. However, if untreated, these obtrusive marks can lead to serious health and skin problems, and even painful ulcers. Research has led doctors to discover that they can actually be symptoms of a serious illness called vein disease. In order to educate the public on the facts and the various treatment options, here are the basics to help you determine if vein surgery is right for you.

The varicose ones are often unnoticeable at first. Over time, they will begin to grow and bulge through the skin, appearing bluish-purple. In addition to the discoloration, they are most commonly identified by their ropy, knotted appearance. Recognizing these early is the key to their treatment. If left unattended, they can lead to pain and a general feeling of heaviness. Eventually, the skin can even become numb.

The spider variety is similar to varicose in many ways, only smaller. They received their name for the scattered pattern they generally form, which looks like a spider web. Occasionally just a dermatological issue, these reddish blotches can signal something more serious. If this is the case, a vein surgery consultation should be sought out immediately.

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Heredity plays a major role in vascular disease, as 50% of women and 40% of men suffer from varicose and/or spider veins. It is believed that hormones are a key factor, which leaves women more vulnerable during pregnancy, puberty, and menopause. Birth control and hormone supplements also increase the risk for women. Pregnant mothers must pay special attention during the first trimester, when blood volume and hormone levels are higher. This can make veins enlarged, therefore, increasing the danger. Obesity, leg injury, and jobs that require long periods of standing are also significant risk factors.

Another frequent, yet misunderstood vascular disease is rosacea. This is a disorder that affects facial skin, causing an acne-like effect on the face. There are a number of early symptoms that, if understood, can help determine whether or not treatment can help. These symptoms include irritated or watery eyes, redness on the chin, nose, forehead, or cheeks, visible blood vessels on the face, and facial pimples or bumps. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this disease, but it can be effectively treated. Talk to a vein surgery specialist should you encounter any combination of these symptoms on a regular basis.

Vascular disease can cause a myriad of problems for those who suffer from these frustrating afflictions. Pain, swelling, and inflammation can make walking and standing a significant burden. In addition to the extreme discomfort, the psychological consequences can dramatically affect a person’s life. Many who suffer from rosacea and vein problems report lower self-esteem related to their condition. Those polled said that their symptoms prompted them to cancel social events and avoid situations that required interacting with others. If you suffer from these issues, or recognize any of the symptoms in yourself or someone you love, know there is help available. Talk to your doctor immediately about how vein surgery can alleviate both the physical and emotional discomfort.

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