How to lose15 kgs in a month !!!!!!

“Aditya, you’re just 17…you look absolutely fine (flattering)…you don’t need to lose weight”…that was the most common comment I would get whenever I came up with dieting….and some people just laughed it off thinking that I’ll never be able to lose more than 2 kgs which I am gonna eventually gain back. But its time they take their words back….I’ve Lost 15 kgs in less than a month!! (without any fainting incident and not even a weakness stroke!!).
I wasn’t a health-conscious person. I never thought even once before gulping something down. I wasn’t obese or a huge-tummy guy…but I actually weighed 104 kgs!!!! OMG!!!! right?! But the last time I checked the scale, I weigh only 89 now!! (my perfect weight being around 83 kgs). Suck on that now! Excuse me on my language but I am just too proud of myself. After 8 months, I am finally wearing T-shirts again!!! My tummy is almost in and my body is nearing its proper form. I am now L from XXL and i’ve dropped down 2 inches of my waist already!
Enough of me now….Lets just start with the tips and diet plan.



The more distracted and occupied you are, the less you munch on quick bites.


Keep those desserts and sodas for special occassions only (not more than 2ce a week and that too in a limited quantity). Fill your refrigerator with vegetables, salads, fruits, sugar-free juices. And get rid of the bread in there! prefer multi-grain instead.


Its advisable to stay away from red meat (pork, mutton,beef,etc). Go for the white meat instead (chicken, fish, prawns, turkey).


If you’re a soda addict, better go for digestive sodas and not coke. Diet Soda is the worst thing you can consider when you’re dieting coz it has the tendency to lock in your fats and makes it more difficult to lose weight.


Join a gym. Its not essential to opt for heavy-workouts…cardio would be fine. And if you’ve got a sedentary life-style (job,college,house-wives)…a 1 hour jog in the morning and a 1/2 hour walk before bed is a must!


If you’re planning to eat-out, always have someone for company. Not only do they encourage you to avoid unnecessary carbs and fabs, they also limit your consumption when it comes to sharing.


Limit your tea/coffee consumption to just 1 cup a day. Incase if you’re a second-rounder….try going for black-coffee or green-tea. And cut out the sugar if you’re willing to.


Try resisting junk food and rice and milk-products. I know this is something where most of us give up, but I’ve got 2 ways out! Meditate…..I’m not talking about the ramdev aasans, I am referring to the inner-peace meditation. This helps you to control your desires and keep makes you the master of your game. And if you fail to resist, not more than a couple of bites. And if you’re extremely hungry…just nibble on some nuts (only while the sun shines).


Oats, corn-flakes and wheat-flakes…..thats more than enough to fill in for your break-fast!


You can’t be completely sugar-free, but try avoiding sugar as much as you can!


Junk and fried food should be banned from your menu! I know they’re too difficult to resist and especially if you have that always-on-a-move lifestyle, you can’t help it. But these things can simply destroy your entire weight-programme. Donuts, Bagels, pizzas, hamburgers, barbecues, Taco-Bells, KFCs… stay away from them! I’ve adopted the non-junk lifestyle and I feel a lot healthier and unstressed. These things are the ultimate slow-poisons. I prefer eating nothing at all than eating them…and I’m better off without them.


The diet-plan:


Basically, this week is completely dedicated to flushing away the garbage you’ve been carrying in your stomach all this while. You need to have a clean tummy before you start with the actual diet.
Break-fast: 1 banana before you leave for the gym or before you go to your class/college/job.
1 whole fruit after a gap of 1/2 an hour with a glass of juice or milk maybe. But make sure the juice is fresh and not canned! This winds up your break-fast.

Lunch: Have a cucumber-carrot-tomato salad to cool down your bowels. But no dressing please! . And a glass of juice to go along with it.

Dinner: Don’t you even think of eating anything after 7 pm!! You can have an apple with a cup of green-tea (no sugar) before the dead-line. Try sleeping early as an approach to a healthier lifestyle. Everything counts.

WEEK 2-4

Break-fast: 1 Banana early morning. 1 bowl of cereal with not more than 1 t/b sugar after a gap of an hour accompanied with 1 hard boiled egg white. If you’re a vegetarian, try using soymilk in your cereal and hence, ,ake up for the egg proteins.

Lunch: 2 chapatis/bread and some cooked pulses. Its more preferrable to keep the salad and the soup for the evening. Remember, losing 15 kgs in a month is not a joke, it needs some serious dedication.

Dinner: Vegetable or fruit salad or home-made soup. You can also go for cooked chicken (boiled, barbecued, smoked) occasionally, but limit it to not more than 300 grams a week. (The 7 pm dead-line still applies). AND STRICTLY NO RICE FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH. Even if you can’t resist it, not more than once a week, that too brown rice! Carbohydrates are like quick sources of energy; your body doesn’t need to work hard enough to break them down. If you limit your carbs, the body goes for the pre-stored carbs in the form of fats stored in your body. And since rice good for nothing but starch (a form of carbohydrates, and so is sugar) your fats won’t burn as efficiently.
CONTACT ME for further details and tips: Aditya Singh (personal id)

(It may seem extremely difficult in the beginning, but if you’re in need of some quick weight-loss programme, you need to stay focused. After the fruit-week, things seem easier as your appetite gets limited. Remember, nothing is as simple as it sounds; but in the end, its all upto your desperation and obedience to achieve what you want. Now when I look at myself and go through my 104 kg photos, the feeling is overwhelming enough. Don’t forget to check out how to maintain the size after achieving your desired weight. And if you’re just looking for some small weight-drops, check out how to lose weight without dieting.)