Diabetes is one of the dreadful debases all over the world. Those who are suffering from this severe disease should take immediate steps to come out of this problem.

Diabetes is a serious as well as life-threatening disease. Its effect can cause sudden heart attack, stroke, osteoporosis and other complications in your health. It is always recommended to live healthy by controlling your diabetes.

Here are the steps to Care diabetes for you:

Control on food
Consult with the dietician. Take food according to his diet chart only. Stop taking excess food. Take healthy and food intake should be as per advice of the doctor.

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Say ‘no’ to smoke now
Smoking is that same culprit that boosts your diabetes complications. The list of problems is sudden heart attack, damaging of nerve, stroke and kidney disease which are all life-taking diseases. In case, you are a smoker please talk to your doctor to support you to give up smoking.

Keep blood pressure & cholesterol in control
The blood vessels of your body can be severely damaged by increase of blood glucose and high blood pressure. Further if you have a high cholesterol level, it automatically starts blocking of blood vessels more rapidly if you are already having diabetes. In combination, the above team is strong enough to result in a stroke or cardiac failure.

Health and eye check up
Along with regular checkup of blood glucose level, you need to be careful about few more issues and complications that are caused by diabetics. Consult the doctor and take his advice while there will be necessity of yearly check up of kidney and nerve status, blood vessels and heart functioning and finally eye testing by eye specialist. Eye is your most delicate organ can get a retinal damage with problems like cataracts as well as glaucoma.

Keep vaccines program up to date
High diabetic level usually weakens the immune process while routine vaccines are highly important. Your doctor will be the best advisor on this.

Care about teeth
Diabetes sometime causes gum infections. Hence, make a good habit to brush the teeth twice a day and also use mouth fresheners in a day’s interval. Make a schedule of dental testing for a minimum of two times a year. In case, you face a problem like bleeding of gums and get swollen consult the doctor immediately.

Care about feet
High sugar level harms on the nerves and lessen normal blood flow in the feet. Diabetes also causes osteoporosis. Be caring for cuts, swelling or sores in feet and if occurs, consult doctor.

Intake of alcohol
Taking of Alcohol may cause reduction of blood sugar. However, it entirely depends on the quantity that you intake. Please remember you should keep up same quantity timing everyday for drinking.

Lessen stress
Stress is the great enemy that affects on your diabetes care program. In fact, overstress causes an increase of hormone secretion and stops insulin to function in order and the entire program become a mess. HenceArticle Search, you must control anxiety and tension. The best way to reduce stress is meditation and deep breathing. Select the timing preferably before going to bed at night for ten minuets closing your eyes. Have a sound sleep.


By:  Phillip Evans