Summer’s dry or sticky heat, depending on which part of India you live in, saps exercise enthusiasts of energy and resolve.

But should you let this scorching heat interfere with your workouts? Experts suggest that you shouldn’t. Not only will letting go of exercise in the summer months set you up for an uphill climb come the monsoon months, but it will also disrupt your carefully planned daily routine. Today, we’re telling you how to stay safe while exercising and stay strong with your summer workouts. Here are our top 5 summer exercise essentials.

»» Sweat-absorbing, good quality shoes. The biggest blunder people make when they get going on their running, jogging, or any other exercise routine, is grabbing any old pair of sneakers.

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»» The shoes you’re better off with are those that are tailor-made for the exercise routine you’re undertaking. These should be, and especially for the summer, sweat absorbent.

»» Another big mistake many make is not changing shoes often enough. Experts recommend that runners must swap their shoes every 300-500 miles. If not that, replace them at least once in a year.

»» Go for cotton shorts and lose tees, preferably in light colours. The shorts you choose should not be too tight. Wear a nicely fitted tee shirt. They should fit you well and not restrict the movement while performing the exercises. The Capri’s or track pants should be blended cotton or 100 % cotton fabric.

»» The waistband elastic or drawstring should be covered and not too tight so that it doesn’t pinch and irritate your skin. A well fitting sports bra helps in form and posture.

»» Sunscreen. Most skin care issues can be prevented in extreme summer months, if one takes care of their skin in an effective manner. Avoid sunburn as much as you can, by wearing long sleeved shirts and full pants.

If possible, avoid the sun during peak afternoon hours. Whenever you do step out in the sun, wear an SPF 30 sunscreen or higher, as it will protect you from the harsh ultra violet rays.

»» Follow the shadow rule: If you go out in the sun, and the shadow is longer than you then the UV exposure is bearable, however if the shadow is shorter than you then the UV exposure is high and one must take optimum care.

»» Find a summer workout partner. Sign up for a sport like squash, tennis, or basketball. These sports will give you a full body workout while bringing out the best in your relationship. There’s a reason why team spirit always prevails!

»» We all think that we are pretty well versed in the self-discipline department and asking or looking out for a support system is something we usually don’t tend to associate with physical fitness. But don’t forget, people who you tend to walk or exercise with can have a critical motivating force in your life. They become your encouragement and support on the days you feel lazy.

»» Once you have found people who share the same passion as yours in exercising, outline specific timings when your group can get together. Try and aim at exercising at least three to four times a week and be open to changing group dynamics. Go for group exercising in order to put extra muscles to use.

»» Lemonade and water mix. Dehydration during exercise is caused due to excessive sweating in which water along with the body’s electrolytes are lost. During exercise, sweating occurs so as to maintain the core temperature of the body.

»» Carbohydrate stores of the body are also depleted during exercise as the muscles use the glycogen stored in them as well as that of the liver. Lemonade and salt increase the absorbability or uptake of water in the body.

The absorption of plain water as compared to the lemon and water mixture is less and therefore, it improves hydration.

Source: Times of India