Qatar richest in the Gulf

Dubai: oil and gas rich qatar has overtaken the united arab emirates to become the richest nation in the arab world, a report today said. qatar’s per capita income was estimated at $29,000 in the year 2000, a hundred per cent increase over the figure in 1995, buoyed by sales of liquefied gas.

Mega gas projects helped qatar become the richest arab state and official figures showed qatar is nearly 80 times richer than mauritania and sudan in terms of per capita income, daily ‘gulf news’ reported.

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The uae was the second wealthiest member of the 22-nation arab league while bahrain and oman were surprisingly ahead of saudi arabia although it controls a quarter of the world’s oil wealth.

The figures were published in the annual arab economic report for 2000, which presented a gloomy picture about economic and social conditions in the region. while the average daily per capita income in qatar and the uae stood at around $80.2 and $58.3 respectively in 2000, it was only around $1 in mauritania, sudan and yemen, and $2-3 in djibouti and morocco.

Source: Indiatimes