»» Foot Care Treatment Tips ««

1. Hot spots can be treated by applying a piece of tape to the skin… better yet, apply the tape to your hot spot prone areas before hiking or running.

2. Before you have blister problems, learn how to fix blisters. Be prepared with the correct blister fixes so your run or hike won’t be ruined. There is more than one way. Learn the normal method, the advanced method, or the extreme method.

3. If you are prone to ankle sprains, try one of the high-quality ankle supports that are made to provide a “taping” effect to reduce the chance of ankle injury.

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4. If you are bothered by pain at the metatarsal heads just back from the toe joints, try metatarsal pads in your shoes or boots. The pads can relieve pressure and make your footwear more comfortable.

5. Fix a badly stubbed toe by buddy-taping it to the toe next to it. Put a piece of tissue between the toes before lightly applying a piece of tape around the toes to provide support to the injured toe.

6. Plantar fasciitis can be helped by using one of several devices which provides support to the plantar fascia.

7. If you are bothered by heel pain, try one of the heel pad, orthotic, or a device which provide support and stabilization to the mid-foot and/or heel.

8. If you do not have a blister repair kit in your gear bag or pack, consider making one with the blister fix materials which will help your feet the most.

9. If your second toe is longer than the big toe next to it (Morton’s Foot), be sure you have a non-slippery insole. A slit or slits cut into the toe box can help relieve pressure on the toe.

10. Relieve a black toenail by using a pin, needle, or paper clip, sterilized by heating it with a match, to penetrate the nail, expel the blood, and relieve pressure.

Source: Fixingyourfeet.com