(NewsUSA) – These days, gift-giving is a real skill. The best gift-givers pinpoint hobbies or interests that make for genius presents no matter the occasion — a birthday gift, a Valentine’s Day treat or an anniversary memento. So, what do you get the green-thumbed person who already has nearly every gardening tool?
If you’re searching for that cleverly thoughtful gift to surprise them, an indoor garden using LED lights is functional, sleek and attractive.
Measuring only 7 inches wide, 14 inches long and 15 inches high, the LED Mini Garden available from InHomeGardeing.com is small enough to sit on the kitchen counter, where cooks can easily grow fresh herbs, children can grow microgreens, and avid gardeners can start seeds for their vegetable garden.
The LED Mini Garden is the first countertop garden of its kind to feature low-wattage LED grow lights that actually simulate real sunlight, making indoor gardening more efficient and rewarding. The 24-hour timer allows users to adjust for perfect light conditions for growing lettuces, greens, herbs, flowers and even strawberries.
Gifts such as this have that elusive “gift that keeps on giving” quality. The garden produces an abundance of edible plants, plus live plants clean the air by removing carbon dioxide, toxins and other pollutants.

If a miniature indoor garden sounds ideal for a spouse, parent or close friend, consider the following best practices for indoor gardens:
* Herbs are a good starting point. Herb gardens make great indoor displays since they’re equal parts attractive and edible. Most herbs also grow pretty quickly, so eager giftees won’t have to wait long for results. Popular herbs include chives, basil, sage, thyme, oregano and rosemary.
* When buying plants, know their water and sunlight needs. Most plant tags will tell you this information. The LED timer allows users to set a sunlight schedule based on the plant’s needs to avoid over exposure. For seed starting or rapid growth of herbs and greens, set the timer to 18 hours.
* Grow nutrient-rich veggies. Studies show that vegetables contain three times more antioxidants when you grow them yourself. Plus, with this garden, you can shorten growing times to see faster, continuous plant production. Parents can cultivate lettuce, spinach, peas, wheat grass and broccoli for the family to enjoy.
Whether for a cook, a gardener or a curious child, the LED Mini Garden is a truly unique gift that will bring joy and good health throughout the year.

Learn more at www.InHomeGardening.com.

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Source: News USA