Chemical between Men and Women?!

What women find sexy in a man can it be the voice the look smell of their cologne. The body structure or the money they have, or is it confidence. A good man or that he’s honest, I say there are many factors for women that are quite different form men. Most women it’s a good man that they want.
Men have a more freedom as they grow into Adults. So we women expect a lot given the way we are expected to be mannered and complying as we grow into adults. Some women it’s purely physical just as men can be superficial we can also.

Some like the confident male or the insecure so they can nurture so she can feel stable. What women want I think is a charm a genuine man with character and portray a sense of self. We women are not easy to please when we are brought of which such restrictions.

These days it’s all different being that women are in demanding roles so it can be pure sexual. I believe it’s the voice, eyes for sure and the way he treats other in her company is of most importance. When a man enters a room and catches the eyes of a women is chemical that start the wheel in motion.

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Chemical between Men and WomenReal women are into real men not handsome more rugged and of true value. A well-dressed man is very appealing to most of his occupation whether he be a truck driver or owner of a major corporation. It’s how he presents himself and his dreams to a women.

Most often beautiful women are very aware of inter beauty. Preferring a man of the same inner qualities. That’s why you see lots of beautiful women with less attractive men. Beauty is skin deep indeed. What’s most appealing is the passion he portray towards her not himself.

Women love to think they’re the only one he thinks about. For a man to win a women the first of his lessons would be treat her like she’s your life and most likely you will have her by your side. Some men think if they down play there feelings she’ll be more interested in winning him. Maybe for girl not a real women who knows her identity.
Women prefer the real thing, they want to be number one where there’s no in between. Sweet word must be backed up by action otherwise she will seek other lovers. I think the most misconception for men is to act like they’re not interested assuming the women will find this appealing.

Women love real men that’s the only way to captivate her. A man being himself and wanting her to be the center of his Universe would do just fine. Women love to be remembered on special occasions when a man does this she usual is very generous in love.
Women and men will always find a way for sexual attraction. We should be aware that we are not just bodies but souls that are entwined in Love… Respect his and her motives and this will lead to better understanding of opposite sexes.

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