Chemistry of Love

What makes a Women lure a Man is it her eyes, lips, body, her voice or the way she conducts herself. The way she walks in a room. I believe it is charisma for some. For others it’s certain parts of the body they will utilize and captivate the Male…

Eyes are the mirror to the soul for sure. The first attraction that can give you the come on look. His excitement should turn you on as he admires you. After that he has to woe you among many suitors men know this especially now. I think this is why there’s less marriages.
The way a Women walks in a room shows her confident she exuberates a sense of excitement Men can’t resist her. The more she speaks and expresses herself the more he wants to indulge her. We as women have the charm knowing to well her body can be dangerous as we feel play the game.

Women are taught at a young age the way we must respect ourselves in an orderly manner is most important. That marriage is the way to make a life for yourself. As we changed with modern era it’s no longer an emphasis on how we present our character nor is marriage the theme.

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The Camaraderie feeling comes as you both are in the beginning stages. Then it’s the enticing of that you want this person and it becomes heated passion. Most Women know that the Man she wants she will get with her charms. Sometimes to hold that man can neither be her the charms the sex that bond them.

I assume these days you have more of a challenge. As years so much has change for us we now need not rely on our conduct. We focus on material and sexual attraction. I would think sexual attraction is the first key. As for some it’s money and status. Now for others its might be the challenge that I can get this guy and that would be satisfaction enough.

Alluring the male will always be to ultimate goal. Lots of Women know that although the male is strong and smart. We have a huge advantage. We are more intuitive to our sexual gifts, whether it be our body or our mind. We know that one or the other will do just fine as we spruce ourselves up and prep perform a secret magic that is so strong that when she walk in a room that man she see she will get.

Some may think this is pompous or conceit. Or cruel I say it’s a natural instinct for some of us. We believe we are gifted creatures. We can utilize our instinctual gift to flirt and tease. Men love this about us. This can cause much confusing to the Male who is not in control of himself.

I think that men love the look of a women at first glance to be proud of her attractiveness. After the first encounter the women should have enough to lure him to her in eye contact. So I would think a women’s first approach is her eyes. Although it’s all about our sexual attraction, the eyes are deep and can lure the males without words.
Passion develops as we develop our interest in our most private moments. Women will always love the man that adores her. Women love to be number one they can never be in-between. We fixate our minds on our looks when it comes to the sexual attraction.

Is it true a women can make or break a man is the old saying that I think stands to be true. As we conduct ourselves let us be honest and loyal to our true feelings of Love.
Author: Elena Cretella
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