As a creator of my work. I invite you travel through my eyes and soul. Experience my world of real imagination. With God’s Universe we can appreciate our divine purpose.

My expression of Art is to show Love and my feel for my God. It’s a fantastic ability to be able to release the intimacy of our struggles and relate them into Art. We true artists see the World so differently especially if you were born with the ability. I never had schooling for my Art. The Almighty creator has gifted me and many others to formulate our life’s experiences into creations of beauty. I realize at a young age growing up in a middle class neighborhood where nationality were mixed. I have at a young age witnessed life’s realities, that Life is not fair that our World needs lots of Love!
Where God is not to blame for misfortune or pain but to teach us that we are here to learn.

Struggles in Life allow an Artist to integrate passion into reality. I surrender my feelings demonstrate allowing my art to be the vehicle to my Love of Creation. My strong dedication to God is my purpose. I believe there’s in one God. The supreme Universal Creator that is within each of us!

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We are here for one purpose to create a perfect life as best as we can. We must treat each and everyone as God like being. We are Souls on our very own path to mysteries and unexplained occurrences of the unknown.

Basically we come into this World alone. As we pass on in Death we also leave this material World alone. The reason is obvious, we must take our responsibility as human Souls and follow a humble and a honest way of life. My art is about Love and pain, struggles these are ways of Life!

Expression of Art is a very rewarding experience. Where you can feel the passion for Life and paint or sketch it to completion. Most importantly I wish to educate the viewer’s with my work. This opportunity will allow others to appreciate our beautiful World! Our one God has given us such beauty in his thought process a creation of art we can’t explain. How fascinating. great one God.

We are all one every color, race. I am fascinated by all cultures that are of God. He made us being unique and different. He wants us to Love Live and create through our pain and failures. we become more human. I believe true Artist that have innate talent are more so aware of Universe and the Intriguing powers.
I wish to Educate all with my viewer’s with the knowledge of Love, life and struggles. What a beautiful world it is indeed… Where we can replicate what the Great UNIVERSAL “GOD” conceives in thought. We artist must through tedious forms paint sketch, etc… Our great creator God has no pencil or brush yet landscapes and human beings and animals are eloquent into perfect precision… Our great creator he plans and formulates while we are literally asleep! We must learn to respect our God and his Unique Universe!
Author: Elena Cretella
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