“Love is like five Elements”

Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Spirit

Love is so connected to Nature. We all Love or loved someone at one time or another I like to think Love has all the elements of Nature. Interesting how there’s five elements as in our five fingers. We touch our Love’s with caresses of our finger tips. We hold hands, kiss each other’s hands. Sometimes we are in situations where a slap to brings us back to reality when we Love.

Earth, we make the earth move when we are in Love. Landscapes, skies and Mountains all seem exuberant with true meaning. There’s a strong connection with our Souls as we are made of Star dust. How cool is this! True Lovers are Stars in their own private theater.

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Water we all Love it. It comes in forms of Lake’s, Ocean’s waves, Ponds. Water that we drink and take our baths, and to put out the fire. We drink it as well as the rain. It’s essential to our God giving planet. Lovers love to make Love in the rain, walk in it! We all need it as much as Love.

We all feel the fire inside when we’re in Love! I know for me it’s a deep intense feeling deep inside that is so passionate that I can only think of where when and how! I Love to be in Love… Can we fall in Love more than once in our Lives. I believe we absolutely can! I know because I have had many Loves in my life. Fire can truly be a burning passion, so strong that you feel speechless. The only thing that matters is Love of this spirit.

To breathe again when we’re in Love to smell the roses look at the world with excitement and Lust for the beauty. The wanting to be with your special someone far away and all alone. Where all you care about is the breath that you both are breathing.

The Air is clearer as we can breathe again. Our sense of smell heightens with Love of your Life. Love e smell of them. Some of us love the smell of food for some, has no appetite. We love flowers and the way they look and smell. We also prep ourselves to the best in luscious perfumes and wonderful candles to arouse our passions.
The mighty Spirit this is the Soul of ones desires, the core of passion. Love making where there are no prejudice’s walls is torn down by the innate desire to be as one. The genuine and spontaneous actions of two spirits.

Connections of energies the spirit of two Souls is a fascinating experience. Where two are entwines as one with the appetite of Lust and pleasures. As two spirits engrossed in passion and embracing each and every part of one another’s being… Love is so amazing and genuine looking into each other’s eyes no words need be said.. With all being said… Honestly we all need to be in LOVE!!!!

Author: Elena Cretella
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