Apple’s new ‘Night Shift’ feature for iPhones should help you sleep. Here’s how it works

Using your iPhone and iPad at night is about to get a lot easier on your tired brain.

That’s thanks to a new feature Apple previewed Monday called Night Shift, which will roll out as part of the upcoming iOS 9.3 update. The change allows you to automate changing the color temperature of your device’s display, which can ease the strain on your eyes when looking at the screen at night.

Though the update isn’t yet available to the public, I have already had a chance to check out the developer preview version of the software. Conclusion: it is almost everything I hoped it would be.

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Enabling it is almost as simple as adjusting your display’s brightness level. Head over to Settings —> Display & Brightness and scroll down to the new “Blue Light Reduction” menu. From here, you can enable “Blue Light Reduction” and manually adjust whether you want a cooler or warmer temperature.

You can also automate when the colors will change, either by enabling it from Sunset to Sunrise, or by creating a custom schedule for when you want it to kick in.