Avoid Data Loss: Data loss can happen when we least expect it – when we are knee deep in a project or when we just cannot seem to boot up the computer. How can you avoid losing your precious data? Let’s find out more about this to understand and help to work.

» Keep Your Computer Secure

Your computer data can be stolen and used for malicious purposes if you do not protect your computer. Do not allow or share network access with unidentified users. Delete any mails with attachment if they come from unknown senders. A rule of thumb is if it looks suspicious, do not open it.

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Also avoid entering websites that seem suspicious. Look at the URL of the website. Does it look legitimate? It helps to have web security systems installed on your computer. These systems will alert you of potential harm.

» Perform Disk Maintenance

Disk defragmentation should be performed once every few months to optimise your computer performance. It rearranges fragmented data and allows your disks and drives to work efficiently. This process also makes it easier for access or recovery. Take time to clean up unused and temporary files to maintain your hard disk in top form.

» Anticipate Computer Failure

Be alert and pay attention to your computer health. When it starts to get cranky or when data corruption and computer errors become rampant, you know it is time to back up your data files. If you lose data, you can learn a few simple do-it-yourself data recovery and perform simple hardware checks to recover it.

That said, the best time to back up your data is when your computer is still in the pink of health! So do not put it off. Do it now!

» Avoid Advice from Unreliable Sources

“Put the disk into a freezer overnight to recover data.” “‘Unformat’ a disk by keying the command “format/u” if you ever accidentally format a disk.” Sounds absurd? Yes, but there are people who follow such ill advice! These techniques were recommended in newsgroups and are not just useless, but can also be harmful. Be sceptical of what you read on forums and other unreliable sources.

Always do your due diligence. If you really want to take a stab at repairing your drives, get the tips from a few trusted sources. Disk damage is salvageable in most cases but not when the damage is further compounded through tampering.

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