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 The Qatar Railways Company (Rail) has achieved a new international achievement added to its track record, as the Doha Metro project won the CIHT 2020 Prize, which is awarded for highway projects and transport infrastructure outside the UK and Ireland.

The company pointed out that the Doha Metro won the award after being nominated in the final list, which included a number of huge transportation projects in the United States, Africa, Asia and the Balkans.

Al-Rail reported that the application was opened for the first time to international projects to participate in this award during the past year, making the Doha Metro project the first project in the Middle East region to win this prestigious award.

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The jury of the award, which consisted of specialized experts with experience, affirmed the superiority and excellence of the Doha Metro project in several aspects, from planning the project to its implementation and operation.

The committee valued the clear vision adopted by the State of Qatar to develop an integrated transportation plan, planning and careful design of the Doha Metro project and its role in supporting the public transportation system. The committee also focused on the success of effective participation and communication with all parties concerned during the implementation of the project and commitment to the highest standards of quality and performance.


The users, as well as members of the Committee expressed their admiration for the quality of implementation, and the distinctive architectural design, materials and techniques used, and the speed of completion of the project within the timeframe allocated to it, as well as positive feedback about the project at the regional and international levels.

Since its establishment, Qatar Railways Company has succeeded in winning many awards that demonstrate its full commitment to applying the highest standards in advanced architectural design, use of modern technology, safety, environment and sustainability. This award comes as a confirmation of the achievements of the Real Company and the implementation of its projects in accordance with the highest international standards. Where the Doha Metro employs the latest technology in the field of rail transport and has contributed to a qualitative shift in the way people move in the city of Doha and its environs. It contributes to achieving the goals of sustainable development and economic growth implied by the Qatar National Vision 2030.


The project excellence started from the planning process to the implementation of the project in accordance with the highest standards of performance and sustainability standards, which resulted in him receiving other awards such as the Global System Assessment System (GAS) certificate in the four and five stars category and the LEED Gold Award. This award is added to the previous international achievements and accreditations obtained by the Doha metro, and it is a testament to the company’s continued commitment to providing a world-class rail transport system in the State of Qatar.
About the Accredited Institute for Highway and Transport LLC (Z), it was established in 1930, and is a non-profit organization, headquartered in the United Kingdom with a number of subsidiaries. A branch affiliated to the Institute was established in the State of Qatar in 2012, and this branch is specialized in transport and infrastructure projects in the Middle East region. The Accredited Highway and Transport Institute is a premium platform for pioneering highways and transportation infrastructure projects, and the Institute provides advisory services to the UK government sector and other strategic stakeholders in the field of technical expertise. It is noteworthy that the institute is the ideal destination for all workers in transport infrastructure projects who are looking to upgrade their expertise and professional qualifications through education and obtain technical guidance.