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 Aspetar experts will have a pivotal role in one of the largest sports medicine conferences in the world, during their participation in the International Olympic Committee’s Global Conference on the Prevention of Injuries and Diseases in Sports.

The event will be held for individuals and organizations interested in clinical aspects and the practice of sports medicine, ahead of the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021, the largest sporting event in the world.

The conference, in its fifth edition, which will be held in Monaco, will bring together a group of international experts in the field of sports medicine, to discuss the most important developments and research in the field of injury and disease prevention in the world of sport.

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Aspetar’s participation comes as one of the partners of the Fifth World Conference, and as one of the few centers in the world to be accredited by the International Olympic Committee as an accredited research center for the prevention of diseases and injuries, and in support of Aspetar’s efforts in the field of protecting the health of athletes.

Commenting on Aspetar’s participation in this conference, Dr. Abdulaziz Jaham Al-Kuwari, CEO of Aspetar Hospital, said: “This conference is an ideal opportunity for Aspetar experts and researchers to collaborate with healthcare professionals and exchange ideas on preventing diseases and injuries in sports.”

Dr. Abdulaziz added, “We are proud to be partners in such a prestigious event. As Aspetar the research center of the International Olympic Committee for the Prevention of Injuries and Protection of Athletes’ Health, our organization is committed to sharing knowledge with our partners around the world.”

A large number of Aspetar experts in various disciplines will participate as members of the scientific committee and as lecturers in the conference, including Dr. Thor Einar Andersen, Head of Sports Medicine Department, and fifteen international experts.

Attending experts will provide insights and information, gained through real-life case interactions and daily practice, on topics including stress management in high-level football, cardiac screening for elite child athletes, prevention of overuse injuries in team sports, and how to prevent hamstring injuries, while One of the most interesting topics will be Prof. Sebastien Racine, Head of Research, entitled / Tropical Paradise or the Danger Zone? Beat the heat to protect Tokyo 2020 / Tokyo athletes.

Professor Roald Barr, Chair of the Scientific Committee of the Conference and Chair of the Aspetar Program for Injury Prevention and Disease Control, said, “I am grateful to Aspetar for his contribution with no fewer than 15 world experts as speakers, including the important topic of Professor Sebastian Racine on how to prepare for the climate. The difficult thing awaits participants in Tokyo to participate in the Olympic Games next July. Few other institutions have Aspetar’s expertise or can keep pace with the wide-ranging expertise that this hospital provides.

It is worth noting that Aspetar established in November 2012 a distinguished program concerned with the prevention of injuries and diseases. ASPRF / with the goals of the International Olympic Committee, Aspetar is one of the research centers accredited by the Olympic Committee in this field since 2014.