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Qatar has begun implementing a plan to establish its own separate airspace, according to aviation websites.

The Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) had agreed in principle to establish the Doha Aeronautical Information Region and the Doha Search and Rescue Region, based on the proposal submitted by the State of Qatar, which includes Qatar’s airspace under its sovereignty in order to enhance safety and efficiency levels in the field regional air, and other nearby airspaces located over the high seas.

Qatar’s proposal included its intention to withdraw from the current arrangement under which Bahrain was assigned the task of providing air navigation services over its sovereign territory under paragraph (1.1.2) of Annex 11 of the Chicago Convention.

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According to Flightglobal and Aviationnepal, Qatar’s proposal will divide the current Bahraini FIR – which stretches along most of the western Arabian Gulf from the UAE to Kuwait – into two sections of airspace, with a new boundary of about 90 nanometers between Qatar and Bahrain. .

The proposal to establish its airspace seeks to benefit the Qatar region by providing safe, efficient and smooth air navigation services and supporting safe and sustainable air transport operations.

Qatar is a major player in the aviation industry, with Qatar Airways, its national carrier, expanding its operations to include its vast global air networks. 

As one of the best airlines in the world, Qatar Airways will benefit from the new Qatari airspace.

The ICAO Council recognized the right of Qatar to request the establishment of the Doha Flight Information Territory and the Doha Search and Rescue Territory, over its sovereign territory and the airspace over it, pursuant to Article 1 of the Chicago Convention.