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Qatar has regained the lead from the United States of America as the largest exporter of liquefied natural gas in the world, with a decline in demand for heating fuels at the end of the winter season in the northern hemisphere, according to Bloomberg News Agency.

And the Al-Jazeera website quoted the US agency as saying that the ship tracking data collected by Bloomberg indicates that Qatar’s exports of ultra-cooled fuel last month exceeded 7 and a half million metric tons, outperforming the United States.

During the winter months, lower temperatures, as well as Europe’s desire to reduce dependence on Russian energy, increased demand for natural gas and soared fuel prices.

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Once the winter season ended, some US export terminals used a period of weak demand and lower prices to carry out maintenance work, which led to a decline in US production.

The United States has topped the list of LNG suppliers over the past months, driven by large European demand. 

The agency says that Qatar is planning a huge export project that will come into operation in the last years of this decade, which could strengthen its position as the largest supplier of this fuel in the world.