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Siemens Energy is organizing in the State of Qatar, a virtual conference entitled “Qatar Energy Days”, which will be held from 15 to 17 February. Attending the virtual conference, which takes place over three days, will be available to all, with the participation of representatives of governments and industrial sectors, with the aim of Mobilize and synthesize the diverse perspectives and visions of opinion leaders in the energy and industry sector, to help shape the energy sector in the future.

The “Qatar Energy Days” conference highlights the most important new global trends in the energy sector, innovation within regional and global energy systems, and best practical practices in the sector to help Qatar meet its energy goals within the framework of Qatar Vision 2030. Creating a kind of harmony between achieving development goals Economic and environmental preservation is one of the most important priorities of Qatar at this stage, with the aim of reducing the negative effects of environmental pollution and combating global warming. Commenting on the holding of this virtual conference, Mr. Herbert Klausner, CEO of Siemens Energy in Qatar, says: “He participates in this. The conference is a group of the most important opinion leaders and decision-makers in the energy sector to discuss the methods of transforming the energy sector in Qatar and how life can become green and environmentally friendly for our future generations. Therefore, I hope that the conference discussions will lead to achieving more sustainability and contribute to achieving the goals of Qatar Vision 2030.The conference – which highlights Siemens Energy’s commitment to the long-term goals of the State of Qatar – will provide a virtual platform for live interactive discussions, and it is also an opportunity to exchange information and best practices in the energy sector between Siemens Energy leaders and local experts in the fields of power generation and transmission and industrial applications.