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The General Authority of Customs has concluded its joint training program “State Protocol and Diplomatic Etiquette” organized by the Diplomatic Institute within the framework of joint cooperation between the two sides. The program aims to enhance the capabilities of the authority’s leaders from directors of departments in the policies, methodologies and protocol contexts of the State of Qatar.
On the other hand, the General Authority of Customs called on its clients to complete their customs procedures from home through the Al-Nadeeb system, explaining by saying, “Just download the Al-Nadeeb application” Apple or Android “to benefit from all customs services easily and in a record time, or visit the website of Al-Nadeeb.
It is noteworthy that the General Authority of Customs has launched a new package of electronic services that allows customs clearance agencies to conduct services electronically through the single window system. These services are represented in renewing the customs clearance license, adding the clearance agent, the customs representative, renewing the clearance card, the customs representative, and the transfer of the broker, the customs representative to Another clearance company and the transfer of the customs representative, the customs representative to another port, knowing that more than 95% of the customs data are terminated through the use of the “Al-Nadeeb” customs single window system, which is an electronic system aimed at completing customs transactions quickly and efficiently compared to what was happening in the past.
The Al-Nadeeb system works to enhance integrated and accurate coordination with institutions related to import operations in accordance with the laws and procedures in force, foremost of which is reducing effort and enabling agents to complete transactions before arriving at customs outlets. Customs procedures and rapid release of goods,