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His Excellency Dr. Hassan Diab, Head of the caretaker government of the sisterly Republic of Lebanon, praised the State of Qatar’s continued standing by Lebanon without noise, extending its help to the Lebanese in various ways, without discrimination between them, nor investing in their suffering, nor employing political calculations.

In a press interview held this evening at the Lebanese embassy in Doha, the head of the Lebanese caretaker government described the discussions he had with Qatari officials during his current visit as positive and constructive, saying, “Today, we came to Qatar, we are knocking on her door, and we will also knock on the doors of brotherly Arab countries. Others have not abandoned Lebanon, and we are waiting for them to open their doors for us, just as sister Qatar did. “

Dr. Hassan Diab, in his name, and on behalf of all the Lebanese, thanked His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the emir of the country, saying, “The Lebanese keep in their hearts those who stand by them in times of adversity, thank you from the heart..May God protect you and protect Qatar. May God protect Lebanon and the Lebanese. “

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He added, “We came here to the sisterly State of Qatar, and we know in advance that its heart is open and open, and that its dorm is open to all lovers, and that the officials here, headed by His Highness the Amir, carry a special love for Lebanon and the Lebanese .. The sister state of Qatar has always stood by Lebanon’s side.” “.

The Lebanese caretaker prime minister highly valued the position of the State of Qatar in the reconstruction of cities, villages and homes after the brutal and destructive Israeli aggression on Lebanon in 2006, as well as Qatar’s generous sponsorship of the Lebanese understanding in the Doha Agreement, which ended a national crisis in 2008, in addition to that it was at the forefront. Countries that actually came to Lebanon to help, after the disaster of the Beirut Port explosion last year, which destroyed the port and many neighborhoods of the Lebanese capital.
He expressed his regret that his country passes through a dark tunnel, and the Lebanese are suffering from “darkness”, “darkness” not only limited to electricity, but also in their livelihood, in their social conditions, and in their various diaries.

The head of the caretaker government in the Lebanese Republic said, “Our country has reached the brink of total collapse, and unfortunately,” complications “are still preventing the formation of a government about nine months after the resignation of our government, while the tragedies of the Lebanese deepen, and they do not contribute, unfortunately, to pushing the formation of a government. “It begins with implementing the reform workshop based on the plan set by our government, and the negotiations that we started with the International Monetary Fund will resume, with the aim of restoring economic and financial confidence in the country after the collapse that we reached as a result of decades of wars, waste and corruption, and the policies that encouraged the rentier economy at the expense of the productive economy.”

Dr. Hassan Diab, head of the caretaker government in the Lebanese Republic, appealed to all Arab brothers, telling them, “Lebanon is in grave danger, and it can no longer wait. We have exhausted our capabilities, and Lebanon has become without a safety rope … and we expect you to Be by the side of this country that has never failed to make huge sacrifices for the sake of Arab causes, and to be a safety net to protect your Lebanese brothers.
He added, “Lebanon is eager to restore Arab solidarity, not to stand on the lines of conflict and separation between Arabs and pay their bills .. There is no stability or independence for Arabs collectively and separately except by restoring Arab solidarity … and we in Lebanon, we have no place except as a bridge for communication between Arabs, so Arab solidarity It protects our unity and our Arabism .. Therefore, it hurts us, just as it hurts you, the state of our Arabism, and we look forward with you for the lean days to become clear, and I have faith that the black cloud will evacuate, and the pure Arabism will restore its days. “

He stressed the important role played by the Lebanese residing abroad and who are spread in various countries of the world … pointing out that they are an important tool in helping Lebanon, especially since their remittances reached in previous years to 7 billion dollars per year, as they play a major role in supporting the economy and introducing the currency. Foreign to the state and the Lebanese market.

Regarding his saying that “Lebanon entered the dark tunnel” “, he explained that the Lebanese constitution in Article 64 established a framework for a government that conducts business by conducting its business” in narrow lines “and that its government is doing so, and for this reason the current government has not held any cabinet session despite the presence of more Of 220 exceptional approvals were made during the 8-month “caretaker period” instead of cabinet meetings.

The Lebanese caretaker prime minister stressed “the national need to assign the government as soon as possible in order to complete the work that the current government is doing in terms of discussions and negotiations with the International Monetary Fund and the reforms on the roadmap that have been drawn up, about which today is called the” French plan “and which coincides with The government’s plan in the face of challenges. “

He reminded Dr. Hassan Diab that his government was only 6 months old, and now 9 months have passed, and it is still conducting business, and during these months Lebanon faced crises and calamities for more than 6 governments, including the Corona pandemic, Beirut Port, and the stumbling that occurred in March 2020.