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Engineer Abdullah Shams, Director of Qatar Technical School for Boys, confirmed that the school administration is working to achieve the objectives of the strategic plan of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education related to the expansion of the Department of Technical Education in Qatar, and it is an integral part of Qatar’s national vision that is concerned with people in the first place, pointing out that the Ministry of Defense and companies Petroleum is one of the most important institutions that embraces school graduates, noting that there are two destinations available for graduates, either completing university studies or joining fields of work directly .. and that the school, since its establishment in 1999, has met the labor market with trained Qatari cadres .. In the following lines, details of the dialogue .. 

• What are the school’s plans to return in the second semester?
The school aims, during the second semester, to provide textbooks and educational resources for all academic levels, and to work on completing all teaching plans during the second semester, and to take all administrative measures to support distance education, whether with picture lessons, study schedules or preparing schedules, and analyzing all information And the data that demonstrate the success of the work mechanisms in the first semester, and also the school’s preparation to receive students in accordance with the required precautionary measures.

• The school supports the labor market in the country with Qatari technicians. When do we begin to see a reflection of the school’s presence on the Qatari market?
The school has its technical outputs at all levels, which has been evident since its establishment in 1999 AD, as it provides the local market and the government sector with trained cadres, and when Qatar Petroleum took over the management and operation of the school between 2007 – 2016, it worked to increase the specializations and increase the sectors benefiting from the school 

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• What are the regions and sectors in which school graduates work?
The Ministry of Defense is one of the sites to which some of the school’s graduates belong, as well as the petroleum sector, and the government and private sectors. Graduates work in distinguished and leadership positions after obtaining a bachelor’s degree, and some of them work as technicians.

• The school grants its students two certificates upon graduation, the first is academic, and the second is in technical specialization. How important is this in meeting the requirements of the Qatari labor market?
The graduate can obtain a specialized high school diploma in the technical tracks / 1 and technical / 2, in addition to the Australian TIF certificate, and Microsoft for the information technology specialization, and through these specializations, the graduate can work directly in the labor market, or complete the study in local and international universities in the technical track 1 And in the technical colleges and tracks in the technical track 2, and the school annually has more than 150 graduates who are provided to the government sectors to contribute to the achievement of Qatar National Vision 2030 in various fields  

• How many students are in the school this year?  
More than 500 students are distributed over all disciplines and stages of study, and as I mentioned, they will be able to join engineering or technical majors in the future at the university or directly join the labor market.

What are the advantages that Qatar technology students get?
The student is granted a monthly reward of 1,000 riyals for the tenth grade, 2,000 riyals for the twelfth grade, and 3,000 riyals for the twelfth grade, to be an incentive for training and possession of special skills, as our students benefit greatly from laboratories to have a clear vision and distinctive capabilities upon completing university education in engineering disciplines or Technology .

• Do graduates of the school find great support from all industrial sectors, especially at this time?
There is a great demand for school graduates from different authorities, and they will definitely find the required support during the training period or full access to the required jobs.

• Tell us about your vision for technical education in the future.
The school administration is working to achieve the goals of the strategic plan of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education related to the expansion of the Department of Technical Education in Qatar, and the Ministry has worked to open the first Qatari education school for girls this year, which is an integral part of Qatar’s national vision that is concerned with Primarily human beings.