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In response to a class action lawsuit against Facebook, a federal judge approved a $ 650 million settlement following a breach of privacy lawsuit against Facebook for allegedly using face tagging and other biometric data without permission from its users.

US District Judge James Donato announced his approval of that settlement in a class action lawsuit that was filed in Illinois in 2015. The compensation will therefore include nearly 1.6 million Facebook users who brought the lawsuit. According to the Associated Press.

The judge described this case as one of the largest cases of breach of privacy witnessed by America, noting that each person will receive at least $ 345, describing this as a “great gain” for people whose privacy is violated in the virtual world.

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 Jay Edelson, the Chicago attorney who filed the lawsuit, told the Chicago Tribune that the checks would be mailed to within two months unless the ruling is appealed.

For its part, Facebook Company expressed in a statement that it was happy to have reached that settlement, noting that this is in the interest of shareholders and users alike.

The lawsuit accused the social media giant of violating an Illinois privacy law by failing to obtain consent before using facial recognition technology to scan images uploaded by users to create faces and store them digitally.

The state’s biometric privacy law allows consumers to sue companies that did not obtain permission before collecting data such as faces and fingerprints.

The case ultimately ended up as a class-action lawsuit in California.

It is the US company’s second major settlement in 7 months after it paid a $ 5 billion fine for violations of US Federal Trade Commission rules.