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Colleague Sadiq Al-Ammari, Editor-in-Chief of Al-Sharq, affirmed that His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of the country, is one of the most keen on the unity of the Cooperation Council and that this Council remains an umbrella for all the peoples of the Gulf countries and that it is not affected by any political dispute between one state and another, stressing the need to Such disputes are confined to the dome of the council and do not go beyond them as penalties for individuals and peoples who have no fault, camel or camel.


In an interview with the “Al-Haqiqa” program on Qatar TV this evening, Wednesday, Al-Ammari said, “The keenness of His Highness the Emir of the State to the Council has appeared since the summit that immediately followed the blockade in December 2017 in Kuwait, where His Highness was one of the most keen to attend the summit and clarify Qatar’s position on the Gulf-Gulf dispute. “

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He added: In every occasion and in every speech, His Highness the Emir is keen to send messages to the Cooperation Council and the Gulf peoples that our unity is in our strength and that our disagreement will destroy us all, and no one will benefit from this disagreement, and there will be no victor in the disagreement of the brothers.


Colleague Sadiq Al-Ammari affirmed that we are all victorious in our unity, our agreement and reaching a meeting point, pointing out that there is nothing wrong with the difference between one country and another and the difference in views, provided that it remains in the political framework.


He pointed out that the Gulf citizen must be the main focus of work in the Cooperation Council, and for this reason, the Cooperation Council was established, and it was not created so that we can disagree and separate.


He added: What happened in three and a half years is exceptional and normal is Gulf unity, reconciliation with oneself and sitting at the negotiating table to reach common points and points of agreement more than points of difference.


The editor-in-chief of Al-Sharq called for studying this period and drawing lessons and lessons, saying: “There are many practices, mistakes and achievements that occurred during the 3 and a half years, so that such crises will not be repeated because the only loser is the Gulf citizen.”


On the role of His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, may God have mercy on him, colleague Sadiq Al-Ammari said: We must remember the role of Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad, the Emir of Kuwait, may God have mercy on him, who made great and capable efforts since the first day of the crisis to contain the crisis and reduce its negative effects.


He emphasized that the principle of sovereignty is a fundamental principle in relations between states, and it is the principle that Qatar has called for since the first day of the crisis, as it is the basis for any successful political relationship between any country and another country, and any defect in this principle may harm the Gulf citizen or the Arab citizen.


He said: We hope that these crises will not be repeated, that we draw lessons and lessons, and start a new page in joint Gulf action.


Regarding the opening of the St. Regis Cairo Hotel, colleague Sadiq Al-Ammari said that the hotel is one of Qatar’s investments previously agreed upon with the government that succeeded the late President Hosni Mubarak, and this is evidence that Qatar supports official governments and not parties or alliances, and therefore investments continued until the opening was completed. The luxurious hotel overlooking the Nile. 


He stressed that Qatari investments are continuing in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the State of Qatar is keen to be present in Cairo in a way that benefits development and advances the economy in this sister country whose people have all the appreciation and respect, regardless of the dispute between governments.


He pointed out that investments in Egypt are promising and are progressing well, and even during the crisis, Qatar National Bank had a role in development projects in the Arab Republic of Egypt, stressing that Qatar was keen not to be affected by these projects and that the Egyptian citizen would not be affected by any political dispute, and Qatar did not withdraw its investments but rather It continued and expanded and there are other projects in Egypt, God willing.