The Kuwaiti Cabinet announced the issuance of a decree by the Emir of Kuwait to postpone the convening of the National Assembly (Parliament) meetings for a period of one month, starting on Thursday, February 18, 2021, based on Article 106 of the Constitution.

Al-Qabas newspaper explained that Article 106 stipulates that the Emir of Kuwait may postpone, by decree, the National Assembly meeting for a period not exceeding a month. The postponement is not repeated in a single session except with the approval of the Council and for one period, and the postponement period is not calculated within the session period.

The Kuwaiti newspaper quoted its sources as saying that the delay was due to the many apologies, and the reluctance to accept the ministerial position. 

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The sources said that the state of tension and escalation by members of the National Assembly against the prospective government, even before its announcement, is casting a shadow over those who are offered the position, who do not want to enter into confrontations with the representatives on the one hand, and are certain – with the continuation of the parliamentary escalation – of the shortening of the government’s life on the one hand Other.