English Teaching Jobs in Qatar: Career & Pay

What would it be like living in a foreign country, exploring a new culture, and also getting paid for it? Sounds like your all-time dream? For English teachers that dream is well within reach. English teaching jobs in Qatar and the rest of the GCC have opened up significant financial opportunities, rivaling salaries of engineers back home.

If you have an excellent command of written and verbal English, and a have an interest in teaching, you can take your career to the new heights by working in Qatar.

English is recognized as the primary global business language and the demand for qualified English teachers is increasing drastically. Education is also an industry that isn’t as likely to be impacted by financial downturns, which gives peace of mind for those looking to make teaching their long-term career.

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Qatar, one of the fastest developing cities in the Gulf, allows your dream of teaching abroad to turn into a reality. English teaching jobs in Qatar are plenty and if you are serious about making money in the GCC, then read on.

Understanding English Teaching Jobs in Qatar:

1- Job Qualifications

Understanding the job requirement is half the equation. Qatar is a popular location for aspiring teachers in the Middle East. English teaching jobs in Qatar require a valid teaching certificate or license.

Many employers in Qatar prefer at least two years of teaching experience. Another requirement may also be a valid license to teach in your home country, but this is usually limited to top-end international schools. With that said, the hiring requirements can vary quite a bit from school to school.

2- Getting a TEFL Certificate

Many people ask if they really need to get a TEFL certificate to teach English overseas. The answer is that it is not mandatory. However, getting a recognized university diploma and a TEFL certificate is oftentimes the only way to secure a legitimate work visa. English teaching jobs in Qatar can be had with relevant university degrees, but having a TEFL certificate increases your chances of landing higher-paying jobs.

Schools across the world have been gradually looking for higher teaching standards, and a TEFL certification has become mandatory for many of them.

3- Getting in Touch with a Reliable Recruiter

Getting in touch with a reliable recruiter is a great way to find English teaching jobs in Qatar. For instance, several online job portals in Qatar can help you during your search. You can scan the jobs available and start planning ahead. You will want to check out the various public schools and private educational institutions, their working conditions, salary benefits, etc.

4- Finding Teaching Options

English teaching jobs in Qatar range from primary and kindergarten, right through to university positions. Experienced candidates can find great opportunities, such as department heads, vice principals, subject coordinators, and educational administrators.

But before making the leap to Qatar, paying attention to the benefits package is vital. An ideal benefits package should include housing allowance, transportation allowance, and health care. As per the Gulf Business Salary Survey 2014, Qatar is the best paying nation after Saudi Arabia in the GCC.

The average monthly salary in Qatar for teaching and education jobs is around QR 15,628 (tax-free income), which is about $4,300 per month.

Based on your work experience and qualifications, you can land leadership roles which offer even better salaries. Several international schools also provide additional benefits, such as paid-for accommodations, round-trip flights, and other benefits that cover your family too.

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Last words

Qatar is an excellent destination for teaching professionals, offering job opportunities in public and private schools whose salaries are hard to beat.

But the money isn’t everything, you also get to experience a beautiful culture and travel to nearby countries that are well worth visiting.

Modern lifestyle, entertainment options, shopping galleries, beautiful landscape–Qatar has it all!

Has your job hunt included English teaching jobs in Qatar? What is your ideal place to teach English in the Middle East?