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The weekly real estate report issued by the reports and market research department at Ezdan Real Estate Company monitored the continuation of the increase in the number of transactions that were executed during the past week, in addition to a number of exceptional real estate deals that some municipalities witnessed, which contributed to the continuing rise of the real estate trading index, with a case of Optimism prevails in the market with the acceptance by the state of the third stage of lifting the precautionary restrictions against the Covid 19 virus, and in terms of real estate circulation and the volume of sales that were registered during the period from 19-23 July 2020.


According to the weekly real estate bulletin, the Real Estate Registration Department at the Qatari Ministry of Justice has documented 141 real estate sales transactions with a total value of 513.8 million riyals. Multiple use and residential buildings, Umm Salal Municipality accounted for the highest deal in terms of value by selling a plot of land on a vast area in Umm Al-Amad, with a value of 56.6 million riyals on an area of ​​26303 square meters at a price of 200 riyals.

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At the same time, the municipality of Umm Salal also registered the second highest deal in terms of value by selling a piece of empty land in the Al Kharaitiyat area on an area of ​​12,507 square meters and a square foot price of 282 QR, bringing the total transaction to 38 million riyals, and below is a detailed reading The size and number of sales and purchases during the aforementioned week, according to the Real Estate Registration Department flyer:


The Doha Municipality ranked first in terms of the value of real estate traded during the week, which recorded a total value of approximately 157.8 million Qatari riyals, or 31% of the total value of real estate traded at the level of the State of Qatar, distributed over 34 real estate sales in several areas which are Thumama. Al-Markhiya, the old airport, Jeryan Najima, Unaizah, Fereej Bin Mahmoud, Fereej Abdul Aziz, the southern city of Khalifa, the northern city of Khalifa, Nuaija, while the average square foot price reached 886 riyals, and the municipality was free from any major exceptional deals. Up to 50 million riyals, while the large increase in the number of executed deals contributed to the increase in the real estate trading index in the municipality.

Umm Salal Municipality recorded the second highest real estate circulation during the past week, as the value of properties sold in the municipality reached 118.7 million riyals, or 23% of the total real estate traded at the state level, while the average square foot price was 324 riyals, through 14 real estate sales distributed in a number of regions: Azghawa, Al-Kharaitiyat, Umm al-Amad, Umm Salal Ali, Umm Salal Muhammad, Umm Abiriya. The number of sales in the municipality came to 4 for housing, while the municipality recorded the completion of the sale of about 10 deals for the land space, and was not registered The municipality trades any other form of real estate.