Famous Middle Eastern Artists

Khalid AL-Jadir the visionary, was born in Baghdad 1924. He was amongst the most outstanding Artist that I am honored to do research on . He founded many Artist associations including International League of Arts at the UNESCO high cultural committee. He was elected president of Iraqi artist association.
Inventive and brilliant amazing Artist. I think! In Iraqi he started the arts movement, specializing social scenes, people socializing in activities, markets and squares, The way he portage the narrow Street a true focus on human interaction of Life.


His Visions and style also included emotions with a state of mind a real expressive and passion. He was intrigued with the medieval era and painted manuscripts of this era. Preserved at the National Library in Paris Salon of painting where he was also elected and graduated from National Institute of Arts in Baghdad.

In 1941 in Baghdad he was a teacher of painting and history at The Queen ‘Alia for female students. At Tahir college. Very nice for this time and era… He also contributed and introduced Art into The Saudi Arabian Institution. A professor at Baghdad University he participated in many expositions of Iraq art within Iraq.
He later graduated from the school of Law in Baghdad with a (BA). In 1946. He founded the School of Law League painting in year also. He studied in Paris 1959 within this frame work was able to incorporated a huge impact for artist throughout the middle east.

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In 1961 Khalid was appointed Dean Institute of academy were he specialize in “ Beaux Arts French National School of Arts where he received many awards and metals. Included his first medal one twice. He defended a thesis on History of Islamic Art in Lille University where he received a PhD in Arts with honors.
Khalid also head and set up the “Head of Iraqi Artist Union” How cool is this! From this he was elected secretary general of Arab artist. In 1959 a history Professor College at Riyadh University in Saudi Arabia.
He was remarkable he founded many Artists associations. He was president of National Committee of Artists, which is affiliated to the international league of arts at UNESCO high cultural committee. He was elected president of league artist association. Khalid was an amazing artist for all fellow artists indeed.
He also founded many and contributed to Symphonic Orchestra, National Oriental Orchestra and founded The First Bronze factory in Iraqi. He started and created a revolution for Arab artist. He had personal exhibition, of his artworks in Baghdad 1955.


Khalid lived in Morocco since 1980 where conducted studies and research. He also created a great number of paintings and sketches that inspired the Morocco art environment. It’s no wonder his Artistic works is among his best work in Morocco.
He traveled through Morocco and fell in Love with the beaches, seas, country sides and Kasbahs.Khalid AL-Jadir was a gifted, a natural Artist a visionary within a vision. He could blend any subject with his art and peers. A typical talented creator of his master pieces replicating his divine passion…

This research was found on: One Fine Art. I like to say an excellent source.

Author: Elena Cretella
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