KEIRA KNIGHTLEY rarely puts a foot wrong on the red carpet, but it was while she was pregnant that she really came into her own. Far from looking uncomfortable or completely different from her usual style, Knightley embodied a more relaxed and glowing version of her usual look, thanks – at least in part – to her long-time friend and stylist, Leith Clark.

“I had just been pregnant so it was still really fresh in my head and I think especially on the red carpet pregnancy looks like a hindrance; people don’t look comfortable or free and the nicest thing when you’re pregnant is to feel like clothes can help you want to go out in the world, want to keep doing the things you did before and feel beautiful and graceful and strong, not stuck and constrained,” Clark told Fashionista at the launch of her new design collaboration with Orla Kiely. “A lot of times – there was an Orla dress, and we just moved the waistline up.

Because I knew from my own body, you just move things up a little bit, you take things out a little bit, and there’s a lot of clothes that were in the collections anyway that didn’t need a lot of fixing. It’s the incorrect feeling that you have to wear fitted things, because you don’t. If something’s fluid and loose and loves the bump it makes you feel more comfortable and more confident and more beautiful – she just really trusted me. A lot of them, we didn’t even do fittings. I would literally go, ‘this is the dress’ and she’d say okay and we would make it work. She’s easy to make look great though, it’s nice to make her happy.”

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Source: Vogue